Why Did They Let Me Remember?

There was a famous coverup of a time stands still event in 1967 in
Marion, Illinois. A perhaps 1 1/2 mile circle of the city was for lack
of a better word “domed off” while a buffer zone was maintained on the
perimeter that caused immediate temp paralysis if anyone tried to enter
the event zone.

It was June and I was just a month past my 7th birthday. I shouldn’t call it “famous” I guess… but that’s just how I rebel at having been told I “have problems” by eye rolling idiots when I bring this disturbing matter up.

Only one person ever believed me, and that was only because of how his father would turn white when asked if it was true what Sonney (me) was saying about the huge UFO and time standing still incident in 1967. That man is still alive, and was about to talk about it in 2005, but then his son had a heart attack and died, and I was subsequently turned away by his wife in any further attempts to discuss the UFO with him.

The line my mom got from that man’s wife was, “Leave it be… this is a didn’t happen thing just like Mac (my dad) and Charlie (the neighbor man) have always said.”

My father (“Mac”) took it to his grave in 1996.

I do believe that surely there are more men in that part of Marion that were allowed to remain in a hazy consciousness and witness the ordeal. But I haven’t heard about them.

Was it a mistake in the apparent mass hypnosis that allowed some to observe the strange event? Or were some allowed to  see and remember as a cruel power-play by the Aliens, such as, “You better believe we’re the Boss of you; spread it around.”

I can say for certain that no low flying plane “fogged” the area that I remember. For me it was just the usual scene of perhaps 12 kids playing rolley-polley. And my dad and the neighbor man tending the trash burn barrels and chatting. My mom and the other man’s wife were hanging clothing out to dry.

Then it happened.

My dad and the other man seemed alarmed and were pointing out towards the Marion V. A. Hospital grounds.

I was starting to go stiff as I turned, but caught the sight in my peripheral vision of the hugest thing I’d ever seen. 

It was a huge hovering craft taking up a big chunk of the sky over the hospital grounds, and hovering over I-57 also.

I was tall for my age, and maybe I was allowed to stay in a dazed consciousness because I was mistaken for a man.  But my dad and the neighbor remained frozen at the burn barrels with terror on their faces. And the other kids and myself and our pregnant mothers were beckoned the the V. A. Hospital grounds.

I guess we’re talking about approx 4 ft. 8 in. on the height of those Aliens. They emerged from the yards on 4th street that bordered the V. A. Hospital grounds. And a pack of them sort of briskly walked east on West Cherry St.

Mostly people were just walking slowly out to the V. A. Hospital grounds, but some were having to be assisted, sort of nudged by the Aliens.

I was in a walking group. But I think smaller craft were transporting people that lived farther eastward inside the apparent domed area of the incident.

I barely got glimpses of the Aliens walking on the ground out there. It seemed like my vision was tunneled and straight ahead, and they knew how to not let me get an extended look. I can’t say if the big head on the so called “Grays” is a helmet or not, such was the fleeting looks I got.

But I can say that north and southbound traffic on I-57 was stopped, standstill. And I could hear honking car and trucker horns up on the interstate maybe 1 1/2 miles south of the V. A. Hospital.

I was fearful when my mom was taken and I could do nothing. But she reappeared quickly, although I was powerless to cower behind her apron like I wanted to.

Then a bunch of kids and I were herded under a smaller craft with two glowing misty tubes going from the ground up to under it.

We went up one tube and down another two at a time. When we went up we were each assisted in standing behind a screen and it gave a living color image inside the body– I could see the kid’s image that was across from me. That’s the part I never talked about for years because it seemed too crazy. But then years later I seen something like it in the movie Terminator, and of course they do it at airports now. But this was like a living color, moving MRI I guess you could call it.

Only thing else I can really say is that it was quiet. I wish I could say there was a low humming sound, but there wasn’t for me.

And the Aliens seemed to work in really short shifts as they ushered people around to different hovering smaller craft.

Smaller craft from the big ship kept coming and going. 7 or so “Grays” would emerge and others would board and go back. It’s like they tired easily and would sometimes fall to the ground. I don’t know if some of them fell dead or not, but they’d be levitated into a smaller craft quickly and whisked away.  


I’ve got to believe that the Marion incident is
the grandaddy of all “Contact” events. With people being herded to the
V. A. Hospital Grounds and getting shots, blood drawn, and some being
levitated into a craft and past a scanner device and then eased to the

The huge “Mother-ship” I guess you’d call it can only be
described as like the Louisiana Super-dome with five more surrounding
its perimeter.

I don’t think I was meant to remember this, but I
do. When it ended everybody was back in their original places and sort
of just awoke. But my father and the neighbor man that had been
pointing at the huge UFO just before us playing boys in the yard all
froze in time, they remembered. They knew 2 1/2 hours had disappeared
and went to the police station to report it, and the UFO.

dad and the neighbor man didn’t come home until 11 days after they left
for the police station. And when they came home they never talked
about the UFO and the day time stood still. Except for them and me
being unwilling conscious documentation witnesses, I guess most
everyone else was really froze in time. And I’m an outcast now because
of asking people to really concentrate hard about that day in 1967 and
try to remember.

I would get beaten if I asked my dad about it.

I can say that because of this incident my father was eventually forced into a mental hospital.  And for some reason myself and certain other kids were assigned to “Special Classes” and monitored and documented and tested totally beyond reason.

And on the day two years later that I was asked to write about something that scared me, I scribbled down an abbreviated version of this. The “Special Class” teacher took one look at it, made a call, and I was soon straitjacketed, hooded, drugged, and taken to some location and I guess shock treatment took place while I was head-phoned and being tortured by intermittent verbal chastising and loud noises on the headphones.

I was out of school for 3 weeks. They told my parents I’d fell off the monkey-bars on the playground. And my dad beat me when I told him and mom what REALLY happened.