Why UFO Disclosure Will Never Happen


I wrote about this 5 years ago, http://www.rense.com/general3/diss.htm and many of the points in my article still hold true.

We will never see willing UFO disclosure by the U.S. government. Why, you may ask? It’s pretty simple really.

1st, Knowledge is power. Those who have it, don’t want to share it. There’s no reason for them to.

2nd, Technology. If systems for free energy exist, the big oil companies and other ruling corporations stand nothing to gain, and everything to lose. There’s no money to be made in “Free” energy. Free energy would also crash the worlds economy, causing a restructuring process that would take at least ten or more years. Also, if stories are true about reverse engineering, large corporations still stand to make money for many years to come doling out new devices and tech to the tech hungry world.

3rd, Crimes committed against citizens and humanity in order to keep the knowledge secret. There are too many fingers to point in too many directions. People who rule, make up history. Along the way, it get’s re-written in order to satisfy those in charge, and to cover their tracks.

4th, Fear. The PTB know, the tech of the aliens is too far advanced and there is nothing they can do to stop them. An example would be the 1952 UFO Flap over Washington D.C.
The operators of those saucers blatently flew over our nations capital knowing full well there was nothing we could do about it. I see it as a warning to our arogant leaders.

5th, History. History and everything we have learned is wrong. The term “Alien” is wrong. If what I suspect is true, the so called “Aliens” have been here before us, making US the true aliens.

6th, Control. By controlling history, religion, and everything we know, the PTB control us. Which makes me wonder. Did we ever really stand a chance? Is it really our fault the world is so screwed up? I say no, not really. By controlling the information that is fed to us, we have been trained to believe WE are to blame. We are to blame for pollution, for driving big giant gas guzzling cars, for waring and fighting with each other, for EVERYTHING bad in this world.

By being armed with this knowledge, we can begin to shape and change the direction of our planets destiny. Just by being “aware”, we stand a better chance of making that change, and not taking what they feed us hook, line, and sinker.

I hate to say it, but all the Disclosure groups with their good intentions, are really wasting their time. They will never force the PTB to give up the information. Their time and money would be better spent trying to make changes in the government itself, to educate the citizens who will listen, and to find a way to bring that message to the rest who refuse to listen.

All the rest of us can only do what is within our reach. Keep reporting what you see, keep watching and listening to everything, and share that knowledge in places like this, and other forums where we will be heard.

Keep the faith baby! But don’t wait for the gov to bring you any REAL news. It just aint gonna happen.

I’ve posted some very interesting material for you to read, ponder, and enjoy below.


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