Wikileaks Hints at “Enlightening” UFO Revelation

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After seeing a figure’s personality unfold in the media, it’s not always easy to tell when they have an ace up their sleeve.  But there’s something about the way Assange uses the word “enlightening” and the fact that he is bringing up the UFO subject again despite the fact that it is not something that seems to interest him specifically.  Recently Assange walked out during an interview with CNN, and then later at a press conference made a statement that has some thinking he may have yet to make the biggest revelations about the UFOs in our skies.  And so it seems we’re on the verge of some sort of major announcement.  Just what that is we can only speculate.

It’s possible the only references to UFOs are trivial, as in suggesting a person has seen a UFO and then dismissing it in the cable.  It most likely, in fact, is something to that effect.  But the real question is who.  Just last year Kirsan Ilyumzhinov told the president in strict seriousness that he had been taken aboard an extraterrestrial vehicle and toured it for several minutes while communicating with the beings onboard.  The news was quickly forgotten in western media, but it’s possible the incident could have caused quite a bit of friction with diplomats around him regularly.  In addition to being more than a little strange, the idea of a Governor believing he has communicated with alien beings is almost as big a deal as him actually doing it.

Additional suspects might be related to the Norway Spiral or other such major light displays that later turned out to be clandestine military operations.  Whether the spiral was in itself caused by a missile leaking fluid, it’s possible in similar scenarios that the military could blame the UFO phenomenon for the more mysterious events that take place in the skies and don’t have a specific explanation to them.  The military promoting an idea such as a crashed flying saucer near Area 51 to hide a more terrestrial experimental vehicle crashing to cover up any attempt at serious inquiry by the media would be an easy form of misdirection that seems like it could easily warrant mentioning by Wikileaks.

There are also some possibilities that seem far less likely at this stage.  If the contents of Assange’s message were so profoundly Earth changing it may have been impossible for the site to keep secret.  When information of a clandestine cover up of information reached most reporters, they would see it as the story of the century and would likely be very tempted to release it early.  And it might also become a top priority for Assange, who instead released hundreds of cables regarding the events in Iraq.

Furthermore, there would be another hurdle.  The information at this level from Cablegate that Assange is releasing is no higher than secret.  It is not, in fact, top secret or even approaching the levels of security used at the highest levels.  But we may in the days to come find out just who is interested in the subject of UFOs that officials are keeping an eye on for one thing.  And we may get some thus far still classified UFO reports.  Evidence of a UFO government cover-up is possible, but would have to be pretty expansive if it were allowed at such a low level of security clearance and pretty constant if people at this level were talking about it.

Of course we won’t really know until the files are released.