Wikileaks to Release UFO Info

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Julian Assange has become a household name after releasing several documents leaked from the State Department to the internet site Wikileaks.  And now as more of these files promise to go public there has been increased pressure on Assange to release something regarding the UFO phenomenon.  And though he has shown some hesitation, Assange has come forward indicating he has some files in his possession that make reference astonishingly to UFOs.

In an interview with The Guardian, Assange explained that he receives emails regularly from people he considers to be less than stable claiming to be any number of things including the antichrist.  He was even suspicious of the UFO phenomenon.  But when he received documents indicating some unknown information about the UFO phenomenon he no doubt knew there would be several interested parties in the public sphere.  The information allegedly is through references made by thus far unpublished elements in the “cablegate” archives.

If this information does truly reference extraterrestrials, then it could very well be the first of its kind to ever be leaked officially.  Previously all other leaks have happened through channels that focused heavily on the UFO phenomenon making skeptics wonder if it was entirely manufactured for the purpose of furthering the mythos of alien visitors.  But with the new information being released by Wikileaks revealing information about every single element of foreign and domestic policy across the board (or at least a representative amount from several different departments) there is much interest from skeptics as well as believers.  If this UFO information were released what would it reveal?

Skeptics have suggested that the unidentified flying objects being referenced in these documents could have easily been military craft that were simply unknown to the observers.  But if this were the case, wouldn’t it be immediately apparent to Assange that what was being referred to was an unidentified military craft?  It seems strange that the references come as a point of mystery even to him.  From the sound of his interview with The Post it appears that Assange is remaining firmly agnostic in his personal opinion about UFOs.  If he believes in them, he’s certainly not letting that be known based on the words he chooses to use on the matter.

Meanwhile the Australian native has proven difficult for many to locate and seems to have disappeared.  Fearing for his life, he has said repeatedly that the information he has been holding has been spread out over hundreds of thousands of people.  And if anything were to happen to him, the pieces of this puzzle would come together automatically and finally reveal the entirety of all the information they have.  Even with the sweeping changes and potential dangers of the Wikileaks controlled release of information so far there is a lot of tension regarding what will be reveled over at Wikileaks next, when, and what it will be about.  Could this be the form UFO disclosure finally takes?