Will July 4th 2011 Repeat UFO Incident?

On July 4th of 2010 the west saw an incredible display of fireworks from coast to coast.  It was a particularly hot fourth of July, and it’s hard to believe the BP oil disaster was still one of the key things on everyone’s mind.  But that night as millions of Americans looked up to the skies they started seeing something else.  On that night hundreds of reports of UFOs came through to the Mutual UFO Network.  And while some of these objects reported were obvious purposefully set off fireworks, there were more than a few that left more questions than answers.  July 4th, 2010 the skies were inundated with UFOs.  Will the same happen in 2011?

The objects reported were deceptively simple – often dismissed as Chinese lanterns or other similar flying objects of terrestrial origin.  And yet as researchers watched the MUFON website blink one after another after another and the objects quickly filled the screen with reports of mysterious orange floating orbs, some wondered if Chinese Lanterns could exhibit a few of the stranger properties observed and reported there.

For example, one family out looking at the stars to witness a nearby fireworks display happened to lance up when they saw an orange object as so many others did.  But when they focused their telescope on the object, it suddenly veered off to another point in the sky with a long red streak behind it.  The object couldn’t have moved less than a hundred miles as it moved from one end of the sky to another in a span of only a few seconds.  After that the object simply stood there remaining frozen in space until the witnesses could no longer see it.

It wouldn’t be unusual among UFO reports, which are so often comprised of incredibly strange stories and personal accounts, except that it clearly left that set of witnesses and moved a town over where it was spotted once again.  And these were only two of hundreds of others who reported glowing orange objects that exhibited behavior anywhere from the standard Chinese lanterns to full blown massive motherships with smaller objects dropping from them and floating throughout the skies.

And so the question on the minds of the researchers who spent so much time researching this peculiar night of UFO activity is, will we see it again this year in 2010?  For the moment we will have to wait and see, but an increase in UFO activity just before the night of celebrations is a trend that very closely resembles those seen in 2010.  And keep in mind those researching the incidents screen any obvious possibilities such as fireworks.  What they have found is that a staggering number of them have no real explanation to speak of.  And as so many trends that we saw in 2010 with the UFO phenomenon, it may be possible that this year will not only be a repeat, but far more intense.