Wisconsin Resident Chased by UFO

There are few feelings that many UFO witnesses describe that could be more terrifying than seeing an object in the distance that is completely unidentified and alien looking only to later return home and realize the object didn’t just follow you but knew where you lived the whole time.  One Wisconsin man reports to MUFON a similar scenario.

It all started as the witness, name withheld, was leaving work in Philips Wisconsin and suddenly looked into the sky and saw a strange light passing through the area in the distance.  Thinking it was likely a conventional Earthly aircraft he got in his car and began his drive home along a moonlit stretch of highway.  Though his mind was occupied on the road he did notice that the strange light had altered its course and was now moving away from the road and started moving in a westerly direction.  As he continued driving in the eerie stillness of the night he continued to watch the object as it changed course yet again, now running parallel with his course and shifting in the night sky moving left and right.  Still thinking, understandably, that the object was of conventional nature, the witness then turned again and found himself preempted by the mysterious object as it traveled the unlikely exact path he was on.  As he came to a Y intersection he noted that the mysterious craft was resting just above the pavement, and as he got closer he slowed his vehicle to a stop to observe it.

At this point he noticed that although he was very near the mysterious craft he was still able to hear the crickets chirping in his immediate vicinity, and the sounds from his own vehicle were coming clearly.  Had these sounds not been present, however, the witness might have been able to hear a pin dropping in the distance as the craft made no sound whatsoever.  As he sat looking at the object blocking his path home, he turned to the left quickly and left the object in the dust behind him.  It did not pursue him, but rather remained on the road waiting for him.  In his rear-view mirror he could see with crystal clarity the oval shaped object back-lit as always simply hovering above the road.  Eventually he drove to a point where it was no longer in sight and called his parents to tell them of the incident.

His parents were confused over the unusual nature of the encounter, but suggested he come home to their house right away rather than attempting to pass the object on the road.  Obliging, the witness then put the car in reverse and turned around, contemplating whether the object would still be there waiting for him as he got back to the intersection.

His fears were soon confirmed as the object hung suspended in midair waiting for him and making no attempt to hide its presence.  As another vehicle’s headlights became visible, however, it quickly darted into a collection of trees allowing the witness to use the intersection once again without getting to close to the mysterious object.  After that he did not see it again, but was troubled ever since by the incident.  He describes the craft as giving off a prickling sensation like electricity or heat, but says it is possible this could have been attributed to an understandable fear he felt.