Witness Buzzed by “Firefly” UFO

It’s always strange to think that a UFO could suddenly appear from out of nowhere and suddenly dart into our lives causing everything we think about the universe to come to a screeching halt, opening up instead a new universe full of possibilities and – what some might call – magic.  And so when one witness from Canby Oregon found himself suddenly face to face with a tiny unidentified light that swooped down on him, a few experts in the UFO field were faced with the fact that this object defies conventional explanation.  And that’s in a field where “conventional” might mean an object piloted by extraterrestrials from the stars.

The witness regularly made the nightly ritual of stepping outside and smoking a cigarette out in the field near his grandmother’s residence after caring for her that day.  He reported that he had done so several times before without any strange or peculiar incidents happening to or near him.  But that night as he stepped outside and looked into the sky it was a particularly beautiful night.  It was February 24th of this year, and though it was only a month ago it was a world away for this witness as he took those first few steps outside and looking up at the night sky.

But on this cool night in Oregon as he walked listening to the dormant grass rustling beneath his feet looking up at the stars with very little in the way of light pollution out near Canby, the stars were not the only captivating light he would see that night.  Suddenly a mysterious light, that the witness describes as looking like a tiny flying Christmas tree bulb came shooting out across the sky.  As he watched, the mysterious object did a loop in the sky and danced through the area above his head.  Watching the object and understanding it was exhibiting a level of control that warranted intelligence beyond the atypical and unseasonable firefly, he called out to it.  It was flying at such tremendous speed, it shot down from where it was in the sky and hovered lower.

As the witness continued calling out, “Hey!” the object seemed to notice him.  Calling out three times, it suddenly shot out toward him and circled around his body, getting close enough that he could get a fairly good look at it despite its speed.  In a word, the witness described the object as “star-like,” but as the object flew away from him the object – possibly responding with some level of humor – brightened up three times in the sky very slowly and then finally disappeared.  Unlike a firefly, the object clearly demonstrated an ability to fly at tremendous speeds and to a great height.  Additionally, it was able to maintain a constant glow, unlike fireflies which will commonly pulse on and off as their bioluminescent chemicals are released into their thorax.

This form of UFO encounter is not entirely unheard of, but the size of the object seemed to be enough to make the witness think the object itself was the intelligent unidentified flying object and not a craft that contained extraterrestrials.  In his report to the Mutual UFO Network, the witness suggested that though he was not a believer before the incident, afterward he was definitely what we would consider a “believer.”