Witness Captures UFO Footage, Wants to Keep it Safe

A witness making out his report to the Mutual UFO Network told a strange story of capturing a UFO on film exactly one year before the nationwide July 4th mass sightings of 2010.  But what he saw that afternoon was clearly no celebratory explosion.  The witness captured footage on an old camera and has been looking for what to do with it ever since.

It was July 4th, a day of celebration and reflection – and the witness was sitting out in their family’s back yard setting off small fireworks to celebrate the holiday.  As the witness was relaxing, that afternoon, however, he suddenly felt his wife’s hand on his shoulder as she looked up and pointed into the sky, saying “What is that?”  The witnesses all looked and observed a strange sphere hovering directly above their home.  As they watched, the object suddenly started to move – rolling and mingling with the clouds.  It shot up into the clouds, then descended, and then continuing its strange erratic lightshow for several minutes.  The reporting witness stood next to their daughter watching the strange object as his wife ran inside and grabbed an old 8mm film camera and started rolling footage.  Altogether they captured 15 minutes before the object just suddenly vanished from sight altogether.  The family then looked to one another and their old 8mm camera.  With the object gone, they were left with a troubling conundrum.  They had excellent video footage, but didn’t know what to do with it.

But that wouldn’t be the end of the paranormal experiences for this family.  The next day, the witness was describing the events to his stepson and his girlfriend.  As they listened, they couldn’t believe their ears.  The same thing had been happening repeatedly over their house over the past few days.  Loaning them the old 8mm beta film camera, they went home that night and filmed the strange object once again – this time for 45 minutes.  As time wore on, the witnesses found themselves holding not one, but two pieces of excellent footage.  But what to do with them?  They couldn’t turn the footage from 8mm into digital video and put it up online.

One of the good things about older footage is it rules out in most cases the use of digital effects.  Whatever an 8mm camera sees is either a flaw in the film itself, a developing error, or was actually in some way in front of the camera as it was rolling.  By having a hard copy of their evidence, these witnesses have all the more ability to share their experience and back it up – once they find the right people to share it with.  It’s currently unknown where the footage is or how they plan on making contact with the appropriate experts, but by making contact with MUFON the case will definitely be moving forward.