Witness Chases Down UFO on Motorcycle

A witness from Pembroke Pines, Florida pulling into a neighborhood subdivision with his mother observed a strange object hovering overhead that left him speechless.  As he observed the object, he wrote down in his report to the Mutual UFO Network that the strange craft appeared to be circular and had a color very similar to charcoal. Searching the Internet later for information, the witness found pictures very similar to the sighting they made and were able to make out their description based on it.

The report stated that the witness was very familiar with the more conventional craft that pass through the area, and that he could easily identify any conventional airplanes that normally schedule time in the flight paths overhead.  But the object described by this witness was a classic flying saucer shape.  The witness described the strange object as roughly “pie pan” shaped with a ridged area at the center and what appeared to be lights coming off of it.

It passed overhead as he stopped his motorcycle, and he observed the object for quite some time.  As he continued watching as the craft coasted along soundlessly through the air, shortly thereafter he got a much closer image of it as it passed overhead.  While the witness never reported any missing time, they did describe the scramble they had to record the object on video.  Unfortunately, as is so often the case, the impromptu shots of a moving target in the sky at night didn’t return any groundbreaking results.

Realizing he hadn’t collected enough good evidence of the object, and hoping to get better pictures, as the object slowly coasted overhead the witness kicked his motorcycle back on and gave chase.  Quickly the object outran his motorcycle and disappeared behind the trees as he hit the highway leading to Naples, Florida.  By this time it was clear that the object, in addition to having the capability of flight, also had the added bonus of speed beyond anything he could achieve on his motorcycle.  Frustrated, the witness turned away and left for home.

Once home, however, he launched a personal investigation into the events that had unfolded in the skies above him.  Looking for conventional explanations to fit the appearance of the object he saw, he found none.  The only explanation that remained was the series of strange tales regarding saucer-shaped UFOs hovering above cities lately, and he quickly found a picture matching the description of what he saw.  Hours later he submitted a report to the Mutual UFO Network in search of answers.  And thus he joined millions of others who are now caught perpetually in a search for the truth.  But what did this witness see hovering above that residential area in Pembroke Pines?  Was it some sort of experimental military aircraft?  Or did he actually personally witness something even more fantastic?  The incident has had, as with so many witnesses, a profound effect on his search for the truth.