Witness Claims Encounter With Alien Angel

A witness from Washington submitting his report to MUFON the Mutual UFO Network related an encounter to their website about an encounter they had claiming it had religious significance and denouncing the extraterrestrial connection as a fabrication.  It’s the sort of theory that is heard often among private groups but rarely receives attention due to its extremely divergent nature.  And yet because the theory is so prolific it warrants some level of attention for several reasons.

Let’s take for granted the idea that aliens may exist for a moment.  If there really were entities from the stars, is it so beyond the scope of reason then to suggest they may take the form of a figure or entity with some religious significance?  And conversely, if an angel were to physically manifest to a witness to whom the concept of angels was so divergent that announcing onesself as such may prove counterproductive could it then explain itself as an alien?  It’s often a point of sympathy that goes beyond our opinions of alien and religious encounters that the typical witness may not necessarily be ready for that kind of revelation even if the interaction does take place.  Some form of unknown mind control may be one option, or it could simply claim to be something it isn’t, and thus leave the witness’ livelihood intact.

The witness recounts how in 1958, they had an encounter with an extraterrestrial who declared it was an angel.  The witness describes the entity as having blond hair and gray eyes.  And despite the fact that the witness is entirely convinced by the angelic claim of origin, the encounter reads exactly like a close encounter of the third and possibly fourth kind.  After a mysterious glowing object approached the witness and his family, they stood in a trance unable to move.  As the entity emerged from the craft it explained that it was an angel and the family suddenly lost four hours of time.  After the encounter they were left with no information of what had just transpired but had a feeling that “something” had happened.  After this point the witness independently came to the conclusion that if this angelic encounter was alien in nature then other alien encounters may be related to a religious pantheon.

And it’s interesting to note how often the two seemingly different beliefs are often merged either by attributing religious significance to the aliens or by suggesting that the gods of different world religions were originally alien as outlined in Erich Von Daniken’s “Chariots of the Gods.”  Given the extremely life changing nature of both concepts, it’s difficult to imagine one could not influence the other.  And yet the traditional view of aliens as biological creatures who evolved through the same means humans did on an extraterrestrial planet far away and only recently began visiting Earth continues to prevail.  In time the question of alien nature becomes a “chicken or egg” issue.  Are aliens demonic and angelic?  Or have angels and demons just been aliens all along?  While it may not be a satisfactory answer for many UFO enthusiasts, the witness to the 1958 incident is convinced.  And for the rest of us it serves simply as food for thought.