Witness Films Compelling UFO Footage Near DC!

Was the craft piloted by beings such as these?Incredible footage of a UFO has come forward from witnesses in Centreville, Virginia.  Sometimes UFO footage comes through that is easy enough to dismiss, and other times it bears the characteristics of mystery, but fails to be truly incredible.  This footage, however not only shows an object in the sky patrolling the area, but also emitting a strange light that looks far different than what we’re used to seeing in the skies.

The witness, Bryan Fains took the footage alongside what sounds like another witness who is just as perplexed by the incident and reported it to MyFox in DC who in turn posted the video to their website.  Not only is the footage itself very compelling, it shows some of the chief characteristics that make UFO footage good.  Landmarks are present, the camera is relatively steady, and although Bryan and the other witness are talking their conversation is fairly minimal so we can hear what is going on in the background.  And from the footage we can confirm Bryan’s testimony that no sound was occurring as they stood watching the distant object.

The footage begins with Bryan holding the camera as a witness approaches, apparently a passerby.  He inquires to Bryan what he is filming and casually asks if he is looking at “the UFO.”  The second witness can then be heard discussing the nature of the craft and the possibilities of what can be done with the footage.  Though the object, whatever it is, seems intelligently controlled in the distance, it doesn’t seem anything like a conventional airplane due to its tight maneuvering over a relatively small area, the fact that it has no blinking lights coming out from the end of it, and the fact that its tail has no blinking lights attached to it.  Similarly, it doesn’t appear to be a helicopter because it has no blinking lights and it appears to be almost gliding rather than flying like a helicopter.

Skeptics have weighed in with various suggestions including a weather balloon reflecting streetlamps, and even a remote controlled RC helicopter or glider.  The weather balloon explanation may be a bit of a stretch in this case, but those proposing it may be a hobby aircraft seem to have more going for their explanation.  There’s no doubt that whatever the craft is, it’s a mystery at the moment.  But if it were an RC craft, it will likely be seen in the area again.  If those involved in flying the craft up in the first place wish to avoid an incident, they will likely come forward and admit they were involved in the craft’s flight.  But if they are looking to capitalize on the incident or create more of a mystique around it they will no doubt continue flying in the area to kick up more controversy.  Additionally, the speed at which the craft traverses the area of its flight seems to be beyond the capabilities of a distant RC craft, but as the technology gets better this gap has been closed significantly.  In the end it’s hard to tell, though the footage itself is incredible enough to be – at least for the moment – considered unexplainable.  Others have suggested that the color of the light seems reminiscent of the colors some people associate with ball lightning.  These are all blanket suggestions often put forward in the case of an event that appears otherwise unknown.  Perhaps in time we will be able to positively identify just what it was that was filmed.