Witness Loses an Hour After Back Yard Alien Sighting

A witness reporting to the Mutual UFO Network reached the Assistant State Director of Missouri on the fourth of April to report an unusual incident he had witnessed and the ensuing fallout.  The witness, who remains anonymous, was an ex police officer and reported that he not only witnessed a flying craft above his home, but actually came face to face with an alien grey that night.  And with over an hour of missing time, he’s looking for answers to what happened to him next.

The witness was roused from his sleep at approximately 3:15 AM by his dog who entered his room and awoke him to inform him that something unusual was going on.  After getting up, the witness suddenly felt like something unusual was going on.  The dog ran into the kitchen, and after fully waking up the witness saw an eerie glowing light spilling into the kitchen from the window.  After getting his gun and fearing a burglar may be in the area, the witness walked to the back door with his dog and opened it up.  As the back door opened, suddenly the light disappeared and the witness stepped outside.  At first, he had thought the light may have been from a helicopter hovering in the area, but soon noticed that whatever its source, the light was not accompanied by the typical sound of helicopter rotors.

Returning to the house, the witness grabbed his flashlight and walked back into the night outside.  His dog wouldn’t exit the house, and stayed inside terrified of something – though the witness wasn’t sure what – that was still outside.  Thinking there was an animal loose in the yard, or possibly a prowler, the witness then shined the flashlight around and circled his way to the back porch.  He heard a clicking sound like something was moving around near the fence and shined the light directly at it.  What he saw was nothing short of life changing.

There, standing in the shadows was a short grey looking being with big black eyes and a small mouth.  The being simply stood there looking at him for no more than two or three seconds before disappearing into thin air.  The witness was understandably confused by the event and returned indoors to make sure his wife was okay.  When he reached his bedroom, however, he noticed it was 4:46 AM.  Though he had only been out for what he thought was ten minutes, somehow an entire hour had passed without him having any recollection of it.  The witness, who went from skeptic to believer as a result of his experience, still doesn’t know what could have happened during this time or where his hour went.  He considered dialing 911 to report the event, but was afraid his story would fall on deaf ears.  So he kept it silent until he ran across the Mutual UFO Network where he was able to make a report.  It’s unknown what MUFON’s plans are for an investigation at this time.