Witness Recalls Aliens Abducting Neighbors

A witness after many years of silence fearing the consequences of remaining silent any longer submitted a harrowing report in great detail as he remembered it from the night of September 9th, 1965.  The witness and his brother saw from the vantage point of their window their nearby neighbors get abducted by an unknown group of strange men that descended from the sky in a metallic craft.  The events that followed would trouble the witness to this day.

It all began as the witness was going to bed one night and the two of them suddenly were called to the window next to their bed by a mysterious and brilliant display of lights playing through their curtains.  As they pulled back the curtains they both could see a strange disc shaped craft descend and finally land on three legs that extended from the craft.  And then they saw a ramp extend from the craft and a door open bearing the faces of colorful and strange men.  As they watched, the men turned their attention to the mobile home next to theirs and entered it.  There were six of them, three pairs of men with strangely brilliant colored skin of red, green, and blue.  As the six men filed into the small home they suddenly became immaterial as if their bodies contained no matter at all and reflected light simply like ghosts or illusions.  And then as they left, they took with them two girls aged nine and ten with them onto the craft.

Terrified, the boys talked amongst themselves and saw that the girls appeared to be sleep walking or something similar.  They considered calling out to their parents, but about that time the six men suddenly looked out at the boys and raised an arm as if to greet them.  The witness says they were both terrified and didn’t know what to do.  Instead, they simply sat there and waited hoping the girls would be alright.  After five minutes passed, the girls were once again escorted back to their homes still apparently sleep walking and the beings returned back to their ship.  Still coming to terms with what they had just witnessed, the ramp began retracting into the ship and they saw one of the men or creatures turn to them and wave as the door closed.

The witness reported to the Mutual UFO Network that while his brother was dead they spoke of the events only to one another and never to anyone else.  And while his brother had passed away years later, he still carried the burden of what he had seen with him.

As far as UFO sightings go, this would likely be one of the most terrifying kinds.  While witnesses and abductees often consider their encounters to be life changing, the feeling of helplessness as your neighbors are taken aboard a craft was no doubt terrifying for all those involved.  Later they would talk to the girls and would notice nothing unusual about them at all.  The boys figured the girls likely didn’t even remember the strange encounter happening.