Witness Recalls Encounter With Mysterious Artifact

A witness from Poland, Maine recalled his encounter with a mysterious artifact in 1993 in a report to the Mutual UFO Network’s site earlier today.  The encounter was incredible enough to have left a strong impression on him and followed him for many years in secret until he could no longer keep the news of his mysterious encounter to himself.  And as the witness recounted the tale we are only left wondering what indeed happened to him and his friend in July of 1993.

The witness, now twenty seven, recalls being called up by a friend of his to gather copper materials from an abandoned radiator so they could recycle it in order to get a little spending money and help the local environment.  The two then made their way down the road to the resting place of the two radiators at the end of a long wooded trail and began their long journey back home.  As they paused, however, the friend and fellow witness suggested they stop and rest for a moment, then leave the radiator in a ditch near their homes while they go and retrieve the other one.  In this way they could ensure they would be near their houses as the sun began to set.  But then as the witness set down the radiator he noticed something glowing in the bushes with an eerie green glimmer to it.

As he knelt down to inspect the object he noticed that it had a line of green triangles running parallel to it.  It was cylindrical in shape and metallic.  And though the fact that it was glowing was the most noticeable feature, the witness would soon be amazed to learn that the mysterious object had a second property that could not be explained.  As he reached out and touched its surface, the witness’ vision suddenly flashed bright with light and he found himself once again walking down the street apparently having walked there of his own volition.  As he turned, however, to once again approach the strange object it suddenly sprung up and shot up to the treetops leaving behind a long red streak.  The two witnesses stood there transfixed for a moment and then ran off toward their homes to inform their respective parents.  And while their parents were confused at their sudden unusual story, they did not seem to believe them.

The witness reported that they believed something more was going on behind this encounter, and believe more to have transpired during their momentary loss of time.  The witness reports that since the encounter he has considered undergoing hypnosis to uncover whatever lost memories he could regarding that mysterious day.

The object itself raises several questions, however, the most obvious of which would be ‘what was this mysterious artifact?’  And although the witnesses say it was quite small, the fact that it reacted with autonomy and even seemingly somehow affected their memories suggest either it was programmed to be able to do this or it was somehow connected with an intelligence elsewhere that came down and influenced the witnesses to leave and forget what had happened.  But if it could do this, why was it so limited in the way it affected their memories?