Witness Recalls Terrifying Lizard Alien Encounter

A report just submitted to MUFON‘s Mutual UFO Network has revealed a harrowing encounter had by one witness that occurred in 1969 as he was growing up in Montrose County’s Uruvan .  The encounter involved an alien race very different from what is normally reported by witnesses, but rather involved a mysterious race of lizard-like beings.

The witness recalls in the report that as a child he awoke to the sound of his dog “Tippy” barking as though an intruder had somehow entered the yard surrounding the perimeter of their house.  As the child got up and looked out the window he could immediately make out a strange saucer shaped craft either resting or hovering just above the ground and emitting an extremely bright light.  Outside of the craft, several strange lizard-like beings were standing apparently in conversation with one another as the dog growled and barked.

The beings were tall and roughly anthropomorphic, carrying in their webbed hands objects that looked almost like bows.  Their facial features were difficult to make out, but the witness also recounts another being standing near them.  This taller being was even larger than the others, but remained in shadow and was even more difficult to see than the others.  The child, terrified, ran to his mother’s room and still hearing the mad barking of his dog attempted to rouse her from an unusually deep sleep.  As he pulled at her arm and screamed, the mother seemed incapable of waking.  It took quite some time and a great deal of effort on the part of the child before she would eventually awaken in a sort of catatonic daze.  He would then drag her by the hand into his room where she would look out the window silhouetted in the incredibly bright light filling the room.  As she looked out, however, she would tell her son that she saw nothing and that they needed to get back to sleep immediately.

In an accompanying picture of the town the incident took place in, viewers can plainly see why such a bright light shining directly into the windows of the house would have been of particular significance to the witness.  This is not a large city with building lights, incoming aircraft, spotlights, and other sources of illumination beaming into houses.  The witness’ account shares in plain terms the bright light shining directly into the house so shadows would play on the wall as they eventually returned to sleep.  With his mother still claiming she could not see them, and eventually returning to sleep her son saw the larger of the creatures walk up to look inside the house, summoned out of possible annoyance by the yapping of their dog.  The boy lost consciousness shortly after that and would check on his dog, worried that something may have happened to her the next morning.  Neither the dog (seemingly) nor his mother would have any recollection of the event.

As the account is from 1967, and the witness was a child at the time it’s difficult to claim there isn’t a possibility that the incident could have been a hallucination of some sort.  But the incredible amount of detail that went into it and the lucid nature of the witness himself as he typed out his report give the incident some weight.