Witness Recalls “UFO Detector” Led to Alien Craft

A witness submitting their report to MUFON has revealed an incident they lived through involving alien craft, a “UFO detector” and their own personal experiences with the unexplained.  The incident was terrifying enough that a lifelong pursuit of ufos and aliens was cut short that evening as the witness had an unexpected and unwelcome close encounter of the fourth kind.  But the mysterious device referred to as a ‘UFO detector’ is possibly the most intriguing and mysterious aspect of this story.

It all started in 1981, as the witness recalls in their recently released report, when they were sitting in their living room and a device they had built known as the UFO detector suddenly started emitting a series of sounds indicating something was in the area.  As the witnesses looked to one another they knew their many hours of building the device were about to pay off.  The family consisted of a father, mother and three brothers including the reporting witness.

As they made their way onto the front porch to look for the device, they spotted a distant point of light flashing very brightly.  As they watched, the point of light seemed to turn toward them and approached, moving incredibly fast until it was close enough to be clearly seen (an incredible closeness of a hundred feet.)  The object was disc shaped with lights that either changed color in a rotating fashion or with a band of lights around the circumference that itself rotated.  The family’s mother and all but the witness’ oldest brother and father reportedly stayed out to watch the mysterious incident unfolding in their front yard.  As the object hovered away, suddenly three military jets shot out from the horizon and chased the object away.  The witnesses were left with a sense of wonder at what they had just discovered.

But that’s where the story turns from strange to potentially terrifying.  As they went to bed that night, the witness submitting the report along with his parents and his brothers all dreamed that they were abducted by beings from the craft and taken aboard the ship for medical procedures.  The mother was told she would later die of cancer.  Sadly 25 years later their prediction turned out to be true.

Are there actually devices that can help people predict the presence of alien vehicles?  Such a machine sounds almost like a paranormal equivalent to a snipe detector or a lion alarm sold to unsuspecting and unaware tourists traveling the West.  And yet in this story it seems to have a very real component that allows the family to witness something so fantastic it stretches the imagination into the realm of their wildest dreams.  The incident may not have completely removed the witness’ sense of wonder and fascination with UFOs, but it certainly made him aware of the terrifying nature many of these incidents carry with them.