Witness Recalls UFO Encounter Prior to Abduction

A witness from Canada recently submitted a report to the Mutual UFO Network suggesting they had encountered an unidentified flying object while walking home from a friendly gathering that had taken place a few minutes earlier.  It was early spring in 2009, and the witness was looking up at the sky casually as they strolled along.  But what they would see in the sky that early morning around 2:00 AM would change the witness’ life forever.

The witness first spotted a mysterious triangular shaped object hovering in the sky when they stared up at the open sky and couldn’t help but notice a peculiar shape hovering through the sky.  As the witness looked closer, they got a clearer picture of what the strange hovering shape was.  Upon closer inspection it was a triangular craft hovering without making a single sound in the sky at approximately the same height one would expect a conventional airplane to be flying at.  As the witness looked closer at the object, they saw that the craft had no external lights on it, and unlike so many other triangular craft spotted in the sky it had what appeared to be a dull metallic grey appearance to it.

The witness immediately described a feeling of intense fear like they were being watched by an incredibly distant and inhuman presence.  They found themselves sprinting the rest of the way home.  But unfortunately for the witness the incredible terror of that night would not end right then.  Later they would report that when they got home they entered a strange state of mind where they reported feeling an eerie and yet very familiar presence as they lay awake in bed.

After several minutes of feeling this dread and this unseen presence, they began what they described as a dream.  And yet the experience so closely mirrors the abduction reports described by other witnesses that we can’t help but wonder if their experience was not somehow related to the sighting they had earlier that night.  The dream they reported having that night was of being on an uncomfortable steel table.  As they lay on this strange metal slab they looked up and saw much to their horror that four alien Greys were standing above looking down at them.  The witness then reports that all throughout the following weeks and months they pored over all available material on aliens and extraterrestrials.  But whenever they felt like their research was going somewhere they would have to stop due to unexplainable and intense headaches.  These headaches would be so profound that they would eventually have to cease their search in order to stop the pain.

Was it nothing more than a dream?  Or was this experience so profound that the witness could not have been experiencing anything other than the genuine article?  Their story, like so many others like it, will likely remain unexplainable for quite some time.