Witness Remembers UFO Event Every Day

Sometimes in our lives an event happens that can be so all encompassing and shatter so much about our perceptions of reality that it can come up in our minds every day.  Such was the case of a witness to one event that sent him seeking shelter in his house, arming himself with a gun and dialing 911.  The UFO encounter was so harrowing and so life changing that even to this day he finds himself thinking about it.

The witness’ report to the Mutual UFO Network came over fifteen years too late from the incident in Alpena Michigan, but on September first, 1995 at 4:30 in the morning, the incident that unfolded has been haunting them ever since.  It all started when the witness’ dogs were barking in the middle of the night, agitated enough that it was clear they were not in their normal state of mind.  Something was terrifying them and causing them to react suddenly and violently.  As the witness awoke to the cacophony of snarls and barking coming from downstairs, he thought they may have caught sight or scent of something and opened the door to let them out into the yard.  But as the front door opened on that fateful night, the witness suddenly found himself face to face with an object the likes of which he had never seen before hovering in the sky, an enigma glued to an invisible ceiling.

It was large, large enough that it immediately sent shivers of terror down the witness’ spine.  And it was close.  As the witness stood there in the doorway illuminated by the sudden appearance of this mysterious object, the dogs immediately went into a frenzy barking at the object hovering across the street.  It was only 20 feet above the treeline, and low enough that it may have passed through the witness’ mind that at any moment it could land right on the street directly in front of it.  And the distance from the witness to the street was not far at all.  The sheer closeness of this encounter is quite possibly what sent the witness dragging the dogs into the house once again and attempting to do everything he could to protect himself from this unknown object.

As the witness scrambled to drag the dogs back into the house, he ran to the room of a friend who was staying there and shook her awake.  After a moment of confusion, he pointed her outside where the object was hovering in the sky above the trees across the street.  As she went to the window in an attempt to make sense of her roommate’s sudden and uncharacteristically excited reaction, she too was quickly horrified to see such a peculiar object hovering above the tree line shooting arcs of electricity from its surface in orange and yellow colors as if it were engulfed in a strange and unearthly supernatural fire.

The witness reporting the event ran to his room and grabbed a gun and quickly dialed 911.  The operator directed him to the Mutual UFO Network where he spoke with investigators.  They told him to write down the experience and that several others had been coming from the area of a similar object.  The witness waited several years, perhaps not wanting to acknowledge the strange experience before finally this week he released his story.  After so many decades he regrets not watching it leave, instead staying safely inside ready to fight off any home invasion.