Witness Reports Entity Near UFO

A witness from Brooks Maine has submitted a report to the Mutual UFO Network suggesting something strange was going on in the skies just south of town on November 24th, alongside a possible close encounter of the third kind.  The mysterious entity and the craft alongside it caused the witness to admit that he was fairly scared throughout the experience in their report.

The witnesses had piled into their green 1995 4×4 pickup truck half an hour earlier and decided to take a drive to the lake in order to take in the scenery.  As they watched the area around them, one of the witnesses dropped his cigarette out the window and looked off to the right, suddenly noticing a strange object with three lights at each corner of the triangular shape hovering a few dozen feet off the ground.  Shocked, he reached over and nudged the arm of his friend asking what the strange object was.  As the two watched for a few moments, they realized something was actually on the ground as well, scanning the area as though searching for something.  As they continued to watch they wondered if it was possible that the object along with the three lights could be some sort of helicopter.  As they listened closer, however, they realized it wasn’t emitting any sounds normally associated with a helicopter.  Instead of the repeated pattering of the helicopter blades, this object was instead emitting only a low pitched humming whine.  Shortly after noticing the object, the trees just in front of their truck suddenly lit up with a mysterious glow.

Quickly, both witnesses killed the engine and turned the lights off.  After the strange light, suddenly the craft shot off into the distance only to return moments later, this time closer to their vehicle.  Terrified, the witness told his friend it was time to leave.  As they fired up the engine and peeled away, the witness looked behind him terrified to see the craft still hovering without moving and the unknown person or creature scanning the ground with a light as though looking for something.  Neither the entity on the ground, nor the craft itself seemed to react to their presence or their sudden decision to leave the area in a hurry.

It’s certainly not unheard of to see a creature (either terrestrial or extraterrestrial) around an unidentified flying object.  And yet even so, we can’t help but wonder what purpose the mysterious object was serving and what this creature or person could have been looking for on the ground.  And why, if its secrecy were such an important issue, would it not react at all when the witnesses started their truck and left?  It would have been interesting if the witnesses had gotten a better look at the creature so they could describe its appearance, and confirmed whether they appeared to be of this Earth or not.  But one thing is certain.  The experience, whatever its origin, will certainly remain with these witnesses for quite some time.