Witness Reports Failed Abduction Attempt

All too often in the UFO narrative we see experiences with beings that appear to go off without any problems.  The flying saucers just happen to appear from nowhere, abduct people, and return them without any incidents or problems on the part of the abductors.  But one witness making his report to the Mutual UFO Network suggests that the event he witnessed was a little bit different.  The nightmarish experience involved the race of aliens most commonly referred to as the Greys.

The witness, from Lawrenceburg, Tennessee reports that he awoke in the middle of the night on August 20, 2008 feeling as though he was suffering from a seizure.  As he shook violently he found that he was incapacitated by the seizures he was experiencing.  As a result he was only able to look around the room and caught sight of a strange short entity standing in the corner of the room holding something out in his direction.  As he continued to shake in this uncontrollable fashion, several thoughts of terror were running through the witness’ mind but he was able to get a clear glimpse of what the creature looked like.  It was a short creature, completely bone white and seemingly wearing what appeared to be a white suit.  The creature had a large white head and dark black eyes.

As he watched and shook in terror, somehow the witness was able to get control of his mouth and start screaming.  Somehow this affected the creature and it simply disappeared after that.  The exact circumstances behind the creature disappearing are unknown as the witness lists in his report that “everything went back to normal.”

The same event repeated again in the same week as the witness was lying in bed.  He saw the creature in the corner of the room with the same short white body, large head, black eyes, and it was holding something out at him as if attempting to control him.  He was once again suffering from some sort of uncontrollable seizure and once again was able to scream and get the creature to disappear as it happened.

The idea of anyone in your room when they aren’t supposed to be there while you sleep is incredibly disturbing, but the notion that such a creature might actually be from another world is just as frightening to say the least.  But if this witness were able to somehow thwart this creature’s plan (whatever that may be) twice, it suggests these events do not always pan out the way these reported captors wish them to.  But what precisely did the witness do by screaming?  Is it possible he somehow “grounded” himself back in reality and effectively wake himself up from a strange dream?  Or was there something else that broke the concentration of the creature and forced it to leave?  Of course as is the case with so many of these terrifying experiences there is no way for us to know.  But one thing is for sure.  The events of those nights still haunt this witness even today.