Witness Reports Massive Silent UFO

A witness reporting from just outside Andrews Air force base reported an incident where he encountered a massive object hovering in the sky only to later learn that the object was exhibiting some very strange characteristics.  The witness submitting the details of their sighting to the ufo reporting site mufon reported that the incident was unlike anything they had ever seen before, and will likely stay with them for quite some time due to its strange nature and the overwhelming mystery of the craft’s origins.  but was it a technologically advanced UFO of otherworldly origin?  Or do we on Earth already have similar craft in production in some secret facility?

the object had several massive amber lights on the underside of it beaming down to Earth.  the witness reports that the lights on the object were much different than any aircraft lights they had seen before.  as they were driving down the road reaching the halfway point of their journey in the middle of the night they suddenly looked up an saw the strange object just hanging in the sky.  After observing the massive craft for a short period of time they suddenly decided to pull over in order to get a better look at it and got out of their vehicle.  When they did they were shocked by what they saw and heard, or rather didn’t hear.  the object was emitting absolutely no sounds whatsoever.

In the end they were forced to consider the impossible.  Could this incredible craft have actually come from another world?  As incredible as it seemed, this craft was simply hovering soundlessly in the sky leaving little else to the realm of possibility.  the amber lights on the bottom of the craft were doused shortly after they exited the vehicle and left only the black outline shape in the sky behind.  As they continued to watch, the object veered away and hovered slowly into the distance leaving the witness to contemplate this aerial mystery alone. though the witness reports he had a cell phone with him, there was no way to get a good photograph of the object as it turned off its lights shortly after the witness arrived on the scene.  And as memorable as Christmas had been for so many of us, no doubt this object was of a technological level years beyond what we in the public are currently aware of.  even the massive size of the object suggests an unconventional engine mechanism that we may not be aware of just yet.  But even so, this massive powerful antigravity engine also worked without creating a single sound.

but the witness also noted something strange about the sighting.  Despite the fact that they were located mere miles from nearby Andrews Airbase at the time of the sighting, they did not hear any conventional aircraft sound in the distance suggesting the aircraft from this base were either temporarily grounded of in another place entirely at the moment.