Witness Reports Massive UFO Wave Over Monroeville, PA

A witness reporting to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) reportedly saw an unidentified flying object above her home after stepping outside to walk her dog.  Though the witness reportedly doesn’t pay much attention to the sky, on this night they found themselves stopping in the middle of their yard near their house and simply looking up and staring.  And what they saw will no doubt stay with them for quite some time.

The event started at approximately 11:15 pm Eastern Time on the 19th of February when the witness walked outside to let the dog out one last time for the night.  Previously, the witness had only recently made contact with an old friend who had reported to her that strange objects had been making an appearance to the Northeast of her house and performing impossible maneuvers in the sky.  As the witness looked up that night she saw what she later described as evoking “shock and awe.”  Still in shock even as she wrote the report, she said she witnessed several hundred bright lights quickly dart across the sky to the Southeast coming from a Northeasterly direction.  The objects were illuminated by some unknown means, but were according to the witness “self illuminated.”  The witness grabbed her dog and sprinted inside to get her husband to look out up at the sky.

When she got inside her husband was unresponsive.  As she ran back outside to look at the objects she saw that the onslaught of unusual objects was still passing through the sky above her house.  Returning back inside to take a photograph she caught one of the quickly darting objects on film and grabbed a video camera which she used to film the objects.  As the incident unfolded the witness called her friend who then described the events she had been encountering to her over the phone.

Later the witness would study the footage and look for evidence gathered from elsewhere in the area, but were unable to find archive footage of the Monroeville skyline.  Indeed from the looks of most of the webcams available that film the city, not much of the sky appears and these objects seemed to be fairly high up.

This doesn’t seem like a minor incident if there were hundreds of unidentified craft or objects flying above a populated area.  Could it be an indicator of something larger at hand?  Or are the craft simply a string of party balloons that got out of control?  Given the fact that they were glowing on their own and seemed to move with a reasonable speed in one direction as if under intelligent control, this doesn’t appear to be the case.  But then what were they?  The witness will no doubt be haunted by this mysterious and incredibly interesting encounter for some time to come.  And it did happen during a period where several witnesses were reporting their encounters with strange flying objects throughout the area.

But if that isn’t compelling enough, here’s some footage from only a week prior where similar objects were filmed making mysterious “drops.”