Witness Reports New Mexico “Landing Party”

A witness submitting their report to the Mutual UFO Network revealed that in 1991 they had been aware of a “landing party” that had occurred on the road just ahead of them from a mysterious unidentified flying object.  The witness paints a fairly distinct picture, one they do not seem to believe the government is involved in at all.  And the testimony they shared truly seems bizarre and disturbing in a field where the bizarre and the disturbing seem to always be hand in hand with one another.

The story begins in Nevada with the witness’ grandfather, who in World War II reportedly had an encounter with the same mysterious entities she would later encounter.  As the witnesses were driving through New Mexico, they came across what appeared to be a road block.  Though they couldn’t see the vehicles, they did see several blinking and flashing lights in what appeared to be a road crew.  But the witness says none of the road crew workers were facing oncoming traffic, but were simply facing away toward the mysterious flashing object.  While this isn’t paranormal in itself, after all it could have simply been a work crew attending to their own business, the witness had an eerie feeling about the incident.  Shortly after that the witness and her family found themselves suddenly driving down the road several miles back as though they had been somehow teleported.  As they approached where the road crew would have been they saw that the strange men and the flashing lights were no longer there.  As the witnesses talked amongst themselves about what had just happened, the family’s son suddenly pointed out an unmistakable landmark, a mountain they had previously passed, once again coming up on their left.  This evidence left a very lasting impression on them making them question what precisely was going on.

As the night progressed, they pulled into a motel to stop for the night as they were driving and thought they would go out to eat that night.  The staff at the restaurant seemed to be acting fairly strangely as they entered the restaurant, and everyone in the town they met seemed to be in a daze.  Of course after driving for many hours it is understandable that a new town that rarely sees visitors might seem a bit off to a newcomer as many travelers would tell you, but the family noticed that this particular town seemed to have an extremely pronounced sense that something strange was going on.

As the family thinks on that night they are constantly under the impression that something else happened that they cannot quite remember.  Occasionally the witness reports seeing people wearing the same full bodied yellow outfits she saw the figures wearing that look almost like utility suits.  She reports that she saw the figures fixing a light pole in Tucson, Arizona once, but the figures ran off into the night and scattered after she spotted them.  Why would repairmen suddenly run off into the night?  Though it leaves much to the imagination, this case is certainly strange.  And there is more that the witness hints at in their report begging the question, just what is going on?