Witness Reports Rift in Time and Space

Witnesses reporting from Youngstown Ohio have reported findings to the Mutual UFO Network‘s reporting center, convinced that the mysterious aerial anomaly reported over Youngstown Ohio was indeed a sort of cosmic rift in the space-time continuum.  The mysterious incident has left many with a sense that such objects do indeed exist in our universe and may be opening up every so often.  One witness reportedly even videotaped the strange phenomenon.

The event allegedly occurred just prior to 5:00 Eastern Time.  When the witness was out driving they suddenly caught sight of a strange object hovering in the distance in the sky.  As they pulled in to the parking lot of a small shopping center in Austintown, Ohio, they got a chance to take a closer look at it.  After sitting in their vehicle for a few moments simply taking in the bizarre sight, they picked up their camcorder and started shooting footage of it.  Looking down at their cell phone they were able to confirm that it was indeed 5:00, just before sunset.

After filming it for a few moments at the first location, the witness got back in their vehicle and attempted to find another closer location nearer to it.  The object was apparently moving away from them by the time they got back into their vehicle and tried filming yet again at a second location.  The object was roughly teardrop shaped and glowing with an ambient light about it that suggested light was emanating either directly from the object itself or reflecting from another source with strange perfect clarity.  After filming the object and discussing the event with others around the area who also saw it, they came to the same conclusion that this was an unexplained portal or anomaly that suggested a world of physics we have yet to document, and may not still conclusively know about for many years.  By the time the witness reached the third location the object was nowhere to be seen.

The video has not been released to the public yet, but one thing seems clear; whatever the witness observed, it was worth going to several locations in an attempt to document.  As more details of this mysterious incident are released we can only hope that the footage proves worth the witness’ efforts.

But the assumption that this was some sort of dimensional gateway is an interesting one to make.  Is there some detail, not included in the report that caused witnesses to come to this conclusion upon seeing the strange object?  Or was this simply a typical UFO sighting around which the label proved to have a level of precedent beyond the actual object observed?  Perhaps in time these answers will become clearer, but in the mean time this mystery is entirely unexplainable.

It should be noted, however, that there are theories surrounding so called Einstein Rosen Bridges that allow for matter to transfer from one point in space to another.  If such an object were seen by the naked eye, however, we’re still not entirely sure what it would look like.