Witness Reports Unidentified Creature, Strange Beings, UFOs

A witness has come forward sharing an event that can be described in simple terms as beyond belief or extraordinary.  The sightings start with an unusual unidentified flying object but end with an unidentified dead creature of unknown origin and beings on the ground near a car accident.  The witness’ account included a plea for additional evidence or corroborating witnesses on the night in question, but to date no one knows what precisely was going on that night.  The photographs, and account from the witness are described as “not of this Earth.”

It all started as the witness was driving down Interstate 90 toward the airport to drop off some film from the movie theater.  As he noticed lights up ahead he slowed down and took a few photographs.  There was a massive dead animal lying on the road as if it had been hit by a vehicle.  A few yards away the vehicle that had apparently hit it was on the side of the road.  The witness reports two police cars were present near the vehicle, but one of them had completely black windows.  As he passed, he noticed a police officer talking to a man in a suit.  As these were the only people he could see, he assumed this had been the driver of the vehicle.  Taking a few photos of the creature that was laying on the road, he couldn’t help but notice just how large it was.  Even for a horse or a cow, this creature was massive.  After taking the photographs he drove away.  This is when the story takes a turn for the strange.

When he developed the photographs, the people in them simply didn’t show up.  The creature developed, and the vehicles did as well.  The witness then says that as he tried to call the police station to ask about what had happened, the police revealed that nothing like the event reported by the witness had ever taken place in the area.  When he said he was sure he knew what he was talking about, they did their best to try to help him, but it was clear something unusual was going on.  They had no knowledge of the events of that night.  Furthermore, they said had a large animal been killed on the road everyone in the area would know about it and it would be big news.  Particularly if it had been a runaway horse or a cow.  No such news arose.

The witness then tried to take his photos to a local zoo to see if he could have them identified.  A zoologist there took one look at the photos and shook his head saying it was no creature he had ever seen before.  The witness had been sure it was just a cow or a horse, but as they examined the image closer it was soon apparent that this creature was not on file anywhere.  When the witness revisited the scene of the accident the next day, there was no evidence that anything had ever happened there.  Only the photographic evidence he held in his hand remained.  As he examined the photos further, however, he did notice several unidentified hovering objects in the distance.