Witness Still Haunted by Sighting Floating City in the Sky

A Wilsonville, Oregon witness related an incredible event that took place in 1972 when they caught sight of something completely beyond any ordinary explanation to the Mutual UFO Network just last night.  The event, which the witness describes as forever life changing, may have taken place over 30 years ago, but they are still living with the incredible impression it left on them even to this day.

It all started, according to the witness’ detailed testimony, when they were leaving her grandmother’s house when she and her brother started fighting as children do on the way into the car.  Their playful animosity, however, soon turned to intense awe as she chanced to look out the window and saw in the sky hovering an object that seemed to be taking up the whole sky.  As the object approached she followed it with her eyes.  Her brother, having just entered the car left her standing with a sense of wonder and more than a little fear.  Quickly she jumped in the car and closed the door behind her, watching the strange object streaking across the sky from the window.

The object itself was no less than a mile in width, and possibly more, with what appeared to the witness to be stars or miniature lights lining the inside of the vessel.  As it passed over their car she waited for the object to appear in the other window, but it didn’t.  Asking her brother if he had seen anything, she learned that he had not.

Soon, she took her search to books and media of the time, eventually settling on the Internet to help her in her lifelong search for the truth.  Nothing like the tremendously huge object she observed that afternoon was ever spotted.  During the sighting the witness couldn’t help but feel the object she was observing wasn’t supposed to be present.  And though an understandable level of fear was present for the witness, they couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming urge to continue watching and catch every detail she could before the object unexplainably disappeared.

It must be overwhelming, when everything you’ve ever known about the universe has been shown to you for the entirety of your life and yet a single moment eventually comes to define your views of the next thirty years to the contrary.  If the witness in this case is any indicator, there are no doubt countless others who had such an experience and have been asking questions ever since.  The end result is definitely frustrating no doubt for the witnesses, and certainly more than a little confusing.

So what could it have been?  Understandably the witnesses were children at the time, but we can’t just discredit children as witnesses for no other reason than their age.  Children are largely considered mentally capable enough to testify before juries in even death penalty cases.  So if their testimony is valid, can we automatically discount it then when an adult recalls memories from their childhood?