Witness Terrified by Unknown Alien Presence

One Alabama witness has been terrified for several nights in a row as an object he at first mistook for Venus appeared in the sky over his home a few weeks ago.  As the nights progressed, the witness became aware of bizarre and erratic behavior in the celestial object and soon began to wonder if he hadn’t misidentified it as a planet in the first place.

As the object began appearing subsequent nights, the witness included in his report to MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) that he noticed it was moving across the sky slowly at first, but then occasionally would make quick jumps.  During this time he would hear the sound of jet engines even when he could see none.  As he kept watching, he noticed the object was “strobing” with flashes of multicolored light coming off the center and occasionally blinking off to the side of it.  On one occasion in particular, the witness noted that three flashes of light suddenly beamed from one side of the object.  This strobing light was not followed by anything more.  As he continued watching, he had an idea.

He began projecting his thoughts outward with the intention of communicating.  This ‘psychic link’ is often cited in UFO cases as a means of communicating with these mysterious aerial entities.  As he thought at it in the western sky while watching through binoculars he noted that the object looked nothing like the planet Venus he had previously suspected it to be.  As soon as he began projecting thoughts at the object it began flashing again, far brighter than ever before and zipped away past the line of trees.  Figuring the object had once again vanished for the night, he went inside and started setting his alarm clock for morning.  As soon as he was finished, however, he heard what sounded like a surge of electricity behind the house catching his attention saw a flash of light.  After that he laid down almost immediately and fell asleep.

What followed was what the witness described as the most “real” dream he had ever had.  In the dream he had an encounter with alien beings that abducted him and took him aboard the craft he had been thinking at.  The witness didn’t include any of the details of what happened to him during this time.

After this point, the witness started becoming increasingly scared, certain that the object he had observed was now exhibiting less than friendly characteristics.  As the nights continued he found himself sitting inside as the object was hanging in the western sky observing him as he typed up his report to MUFON.

Is the very act of thinking at these objects enough to tempt them into coming down and interacting with humans?  And if that is the case, why?  Aside from the means these entities use to gather information from projected thoughts (issues such as range, speed, and interference) there is also the question of why they possess this ability and why they choose to act on these impulses sent from frightened or curious witnesses.  It’s not uncommon to read in UFO reports of witnesses suddenly getting the impulse to “think” at objects and then subsequently getting strange results from it.