Witness: Wingless Plane Escorted by Military Jets

An incident reported from the twelfth of this month suggests that as a witness was outside smoking a cigarette, they came across a mysterious craft hovering in the sky escorted by two jet aircraft streaking across the sky.  The incident left the witness confused and troubled, but no doubt will be leaving an impression as time rolls on.  As this report has broken only in the past few hours, it still remains to be seen if others like it will be coming from the area around Herndon in Virginia.

As the report submitted to the Mutual UFO Network goes, the witness was outside smoking a cigarette at approximately 2:10 PM when suddenly he caught sight of what appeared to him to be a strange ball hovering in the sky.  However, as it passed overhead he could clearly see it was not spherical, but roughly cylindrical in shape.  As the witness focused in on it his suspicions that it may be nothing more than a plane with light playing on it in a strange way were dashed.  The object had, according to him, no wings.  As he continued to watch, shocked at this strange object streaking straight across the sky, he then noticed that the object did indeed have many of the other components a plane would have.  To him it looked as though the fuselage of a plane had somehow taken flight through the sky after having lost its wings, landing gear, and any distinguishing markings revealing it to be a plane.

As the object passed overhead, he then noticed two jets streaking across the sky behind it with massive contrails as though they were escorting or following it.  Though they were jets moving at quick speeds, they were still taking much longer to move across the sky than the mysterious wingless plane was.  As the witness lived near Dulles Airport, they were used to seeing mysterious objects in the sky.  But this latest sighting left him with no clue as to what was hovering above in the skies that afternoon.  Altogether the witness noticed that the strange craft took approximately seven seconds to move across the sky entirely while the other jets took approximately 35 seconds.  Additionally, the strange craft didn’t seem to have any windows on it, although from his angle on the ground it would have been fairly difficult to see windows anyway.  Though the jets following the craft later were heard roaring in the distance, the entire time this aircraft was streaking through the clouds the witness could not hear any sound whatsoever.  He additionally notes that although the jets were apparently following the craft, it was easy to see the wings of both these aircraft even though they had a much higher altitude.

Is it possible this aircraft was a sort of experimental military or civilian craft capable of moving at incredible speeds without wings?  While it is still in the category of an unidentified flying object, it may be a new and thus far unknown technology developed by a secret project.  And of course as with many UFO sightings there is also another possibility, that it may not be of this world.