Witnesses Drive Under Mystery Craft

Witnesses in Grant’s Pass, Oregon reported a mysterious craft to the Mutual UFO Network’s UFO Stalker web page earlier this week.  As they were driving north on Interstate 5 just outside of the city, they looked up into the sky and saw a massive object far larger than any other they had seen flying low over the interstate and simply hovering there silently.

It was no doubt a terrifying realization as they looked up and saw that they were about to drive directly beneath a massive triangular craft far larger than anything the witnesses had seen before.  But as they drove under, the driver and his roommate rolled down their windows and looked up so they could get a better look.  Both witnesses reported that the object was massive, unlike anything they had seen flying through the skies before.  It was roughly triangular in shape and incredibly massive as it hung there emitting no noise and simply glowing at its points with a mysterious and eerie light.  As the witnesses looked up at the craft, they estimated that the low flying craft was likely approximately the length of a football field in width.

But as the witnesses passed beneath it and then looked behind it, they could clearly see that the object was then moving south toward where they had come from.  Neither reported noticing any lost time or encountering anything else aside from the massive object itself.  But the immense size and fearlessness of such an object simply hovering over the highway stands in stark contrast to the fact that neither witness reportedly was able to see it until they were almost directly underneath it.  As the witnesses watched, the strange craft would continue hovering away without reacting to their presence at all.

This seems to suggest one of two things assuming the witnesses were reporting accurately.  If the object had been virtually invisible as it hovered above the highway, this would have been reason for it to disregard any potential witnesses and move on its way.  If it had, however, been a deliberate attempt to be seen by the witnesses, it’s possible it could have been seen by others as well.

How much power would it have taken for such an object to hover without making a single sound?  The fact that the object demonstrated only a slow speed it suggests the object could have been some type of military aircraft.  An airship could have been similar to the object spotted, and could have possibly been invisible (more or less with its dark color against a cloudy night sky) and if it had been light enough, very little electricity would have had to been used to keep it adrift.

So what was this mysterious object witnesses observed for no more than a few seconds?  And even though the object seemed to ignore them, one can only wonder what it was doing hovering above a busy highway.