Witnesses Report “Dancing” Lights in Arizona

Arizona is in the midst of a series of UFO incidents just after the objects first spotted in California a few nights ago began making appearances there.  The incidents are some of the most incredible events witnessed by the observers.  The first report comes closely before the second and began with a man standing outside seeing a strange light in the sky.

Quickly he summoned his nephew and the two of them watched as six lights blinked on and off above the nearby Pinal mountains.  The nephew then summoned his mother and the three of them watched as the strange lights hovered and danced through the sky as though they were “playing.”  The colors of the objects ranged from blue, red, and white to one which was slightly off white and more of a yellowish color.  As he watched, the nephew recorded the incident on his cell phone, but the picture quality was sub-par for any conclusive evidence.  At first he thought they may have simply been multi-colored flares before they started moving and dancing around.  Eventually one of them took off into the sky baffling the assembled witnesses.  Earlier in the month the family had witnessed another event as they stood outside the restaurant owned by their father and mother and the lights had made a previous appearance.  Still, this didn’t prepare them for the incredible intensity of the events that unfolded in front of their shocked eyes.

Meanwhile, nearby a man was walking out onto his lawn on the same night when he too noticed the strange lights dancing above an area just north of the Pinal mountain range where the first incident had taken place.  It began when he looked up to observe a small helicopter travelling across the sky moving south.  As it disappeared behind his neighbor’s house moving in the same southerly direction as the first incident, lights appeared and began “jumping from point to point.”  The witness once again describes the behavior he observed as being similar to playing.  As the lights flitted about they blinked on and off before his shocked eyes.  The incredible display of lights continued for approximately 15 seconds to half a minute before running inside to grab his camcorder.  His son soon joined him and they watched the objects for several minutes recording.  Unfortunately, due to the distance of the objects once again the image did not turn out well enough to be considered evidence.  Both witnesses had heard of the strange lights that sometimes visited the area, but at 64 the father had never seen them before.

Could there be more incidents like this above the Pinal mountain range?  The incident has left both sets of witnesses baffled.  The strange occurrence will no doubt motivate them to watch the skies even more in th future in case the objects make another appearance.  In cases such as these the presence of multiple sets of witnesses who do not know each other prior to an event always intensifies their credibility, particularly if they describe the same events happening in the same area.