Witnesses Report UFO Over Ozzie Concert

Fans who go to see Ozzy Osbourne in concert are prepared for an experience in the unusual as the rock icon has shown throughout his career, but witnesses to the concert that night report seeing something unusual beyond the experience of a standard concert.  In a recently submitted report to MUFON, a witness going by the alias Bink from Devore California described an object hovering above the assembled crowd during the California concert earlier this week.  The sighting was followed by several others in the area.

As the song Suicide Solution began playing over the speakers, Bink looked up into the sky to gaze at the waxing moon and the Little Dipper.  As she looked into the sky very suddenly she became aware of a triangular craft hanging suspended in the sky above the crowd slowly moving.  She describes it as being three sided with rounded tips and dull gray in color.  As it hung there she noticed it had three blinking lights on it, each one a different color – green, yellow, and mauve.  The craft hung suspended above the crowd flashing its lights several times before suddenly taking off and moving horizontally behind a cluster of trees out of the witness’ view.  The witness describes it as entirely soundless, but shuddered once as it was disappearing.

At first Bink wasn’t sure what she had just seen, but informed her father by yelling to him over the crowd, “Guess who just saw a UFO.”  Neither witness had ever seen a UFO prior to the event, but recounted what she had witnessed on the ride home and eventually wrote it out to MUFON.

Hours after the first sighting, a grandfather watching the meteor shower with his grandchildren just south of Devore witnessed an object in the sky that reminded him very much of a stage two rocket separation in the area similar to ones he had seen at Vanderberg Air Force base.  A strange object appeared to be hurtling toward the ground and then emitting a cone shaped stream of mist before moving back up once again and finally disappearing.  The witness watched that area of sky again approximately an hour later and another strange sighting identical to the first occurred.  The witness described the event as strange, but was uncertain of its origin, knowing only that it did not fit into any aircraft type he was aware of, though it did almost resemble the aforementioned rocket separation.

The events, mere hours apart from one another seem very different in nature, but share their strangeness and proximity in common.  It doesn’t take much of an imagination to speculate that these two separate events could have been somehow related to the same vehicle, but what exactly it was spraying in the air or why is certainly a question that works uneasily within the imagination.  And what reason was there for an unidentified craft to hover above a rock concert?  Was it the band it was drawn to?  Or the people?