Witnesses Report UFOs Fighting Over New Jersey

After a while some UFO sightings seem almost formulaic with witnesses seeing distant lights in the sky, being filled with a sense that they’ve witnessed something of cosmic significance, and then the lights disappearing with little or no evidence left behind.  Incredible as it is to hear of the witness’ encounter, true information gleaned that can then be considered in the future is surprisingly scarce after a while.  This is not the case, however, in this incredible encounter by several witnesses in New Jersey who report a “star wars” battle taking place near their property on August 20th.

It all began as the witnesses were summoned outside by an incredible sight and began watching the events in the sky unfold.  To those present no doubt the incredible sight must have seemed evidence of an impending invasion or some other event that would make national and soon international headlines.  But try as they might to get their story out only a few have picked up their story in an effort to combat the smoke screen clouding the UFO phenomenon.

As they watched, several unidentified lights in the sky suddenly broke formation and somewhere around twelve lights began dancing around one another in what seemed to be a combat maneuver as though they were actually fighting.  The witnesses were not too shocked to attempt to capture the event on film both with video camera and conventional still camera, but were unable to get anything to show up on film.  They were simply left to stand in shocked wonder as the UFOs seemingly fought one another.

The witnesses assembled included the witness submitting the report to MUFON, his mother, and another witness who had up until the sighting not given credence to the UFO phenomenon.

As the event lasted somewhere around an hour and a half at least before the witnesses finally went indoors in an effort to get others in the area to look at the sky, the witness is certain that someone out they must have seen something.  They witnessed several conventional aircraft in the area at the time suggesting that aircraft in the area must have seen something in the skies August 20th but are not reporting it.

But these witnesses were not alone.  The events in New Jersey were reported just North of Paterson, and in Levittown Philadelphia a witness was convinced that something global would be happening soon in relation to the UFO phenomenon when they personally spotted eight of the objects the next night flying erratically in the starry night sky.

Pilots who see UFOs are not necessarily outwardly told never to speak of the events they witness.  It’s usually unnecessary.  In fact, many pilots upon seeing a strange object need only report it to air traffic control and when the loaded question, “Do you want to report a UFO?” is inevitably asked, they often find that to be enough to keep them silent.  In the past pilots have been grounded for seeing UFOs, and careers have been ruined for less.  To report an incident of this magnitude seems to make it less -not more- likely to be reported by pilots.