Witnesses Spot Massive UFO Over South Carolina

Two witnesses submitting their report from Greenwood South Carolina say they saw a massive object hovering low over Greenwood, South Carolina.  The night started as normally as any other, but by the end of it both witnesses weren’t sure what they had seen and had a distinct impression they had just had a close encounter with a mystery.  The object was low to the ground and massive.

The witness submitting the report to the Mutual UFO Network said it all started with him inside a friend’s house with two others when his friend suddenly came in and called him outside saying there was something he needed to see.  As he left the building, his friend pointed up and they both stood there and took in the incredible display unfolding before them both in the night sky.  After years of experience observing conventional aircraft, the witness says he cannot explain what he saw that night.

It was flying low to the ground at an altitude beneath ordinary single wing aircraft but also fairly silent by comparison.  As it approached their position the witnesses noted a peculiar high pitched ringing sound almost like a dog whistle permeating the air.  As they watched, the object gradually got closer to their position and the sound got more intense.  As they watched and listened, soon it was hovering directly over them and emitting the high frequency very loudly.  As it was slow, the witness said the object was moving at a slower rate of speed than most conventional aircraft, but still faster than any lighter than air vehicle he knew of.

The object itself was roughly oval shaped and had what appeared to be massive beams or struts running along the bottom of it making it look more like a floating building or ship than a balloon.  As the object drifted south shortly after midnight, the witness called a friend of his and got independent confirmation from them that something strange was going on.  After leaving their own apartments and stepping outside to scan the skies they too were able to see the object as it traveled in a southerly direction.  None of the witnesses knows what they saw that night, but a few of them have theories.  And with at least one of them familiar with conventional aircraft the idea of this massive object being anything publicly known and terrestrial was ruled out fairly quickly.

So what did these witnesses spot that night as they stood out in their yard?  Was it some sort of experimental aircraft utilizing a propulsion technology we in the public have not been made aware of?  Or is it something else?  Is it possible there are objects from other planets visiting us and traveling through our skies in ways that we simply cannot explain?