Witnesses Spot UFO Over Fremont, California

Two witnesses reporting to the Mutual UFO Network from Fremont, California say the object they spotted on March 9th was nothing short of extraordinary.  And as the sighting continued they found themselves wondering about their own place in the universe, though they aren’t necessarily convinced it was of extraterrestrial origin.

It all started when the two witnesses were out walking their dog and happened to look up into the sky.  They quickly noticed something strange hovering in the skies.  As they continued to watch, they could see clearly that the object was traveling from a Southwesterly direction to the Northeast cutting a clear line through the sky.  The object itself was a single solitary flashing light.  Over the course of only a few seconds the object traversed the entirety of the night sky without making a single sound.  As the witnesses continued to walk, they eventually finished their walk and were about to step inside when they noticed another light moving from the South to the North directly above them.  This second object was a steady light that didn’t flash like the first.  Additionally it seemed either farther away or smaller than the first.  It also moved far slower, though it still didn’t make any noticeable sounds as it passed across the sky.  And just when they were starting to wonder if it could be a conventional satellite (despite the cloud cover) they noticed it changing direction in the night sky.

After their encounter they reminisced on another encounter they had experienced while looking out into the night sky.  The witness reports that the previous night shortly before midnight they witnessed a peculiar red light heading in a southerly direction from where the second light would later emerge.  As he watched, the quickly moving red light vanished over the horizon navigating the entire space above them in a matter of only a few seconds.  having watched the skies for years the witness noted that it could not have been a shooting star or any known conventional aircraft they were aware of.

Indeed it is common to mistake a satellite for a UFO in some cases, but the events described by these witnesses leave many questions still unanswered.  For instance, why were the colors of the lights red?  And why were they still visible in a cloudy night sky?  And while satellites can change general trajectories, for them to change direction in such an extreme manner that it’s evident to an observer on the Earth’s surface in such a short period of time is extremely unlikely.

So if it wasn’t a satellite, could it have been some sort of lantern?  The entire sky is a lot of ground to cover for a UFO.  If the objects had been lanterns that were actually far closer than the witnesses thought, it may have appeared to be moving faster than it actually was.  But even in this case, the witnesses would have been watching an object lazily drifting on the wind and this could not have carried it all the way across the sky in such a short period of time.  As it stands, this sighting is completely unexplainable.