World UFO Day Quiz Answers

Below you will find the answers to the BCC quiz given in celebration of World UFO Day. Aside from the answers, you will also find further explanations, as well as additional links to find more in-depth coverage of the facts and subjects.


1. The answer is D.

Kevin Conde, who was stationed at the base, said in June 2003 that he had played a prank on his colleague back in 1980 by shining the patrol car’s lights through some trees. Some witnesses still say they saw a UFO. A US Air Force report from 1981 says a triangular craft was spotted.


Additional details for this question can be found at: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/suffolk/3033428.stm


2. The answer to this particular question is B.
Dr J Allen Hynek classified so-called “close encounters” between humans and UFOs in 1972. His original three types of encounters were: One ”“ witnessing a UFO within 500 feet; Two ”“ witnessing a UFO affect the environment or humans around it; Three ”“ seeing a being in relation to a UFO.


3. If you have chosen A for your answer, then you are correct in choosing this selection.


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4.  The answer to this question is B.
Pollsters asked 1,021 adults if they had seen a UFO. Of the 13% who said they had seen a UFO, 4% were sure the craft was alien in origin.


5. The correct answer for this question is C.
The UFO’s pilot is said to have been stoned before he asphyxiated. The supposed sighting by the monks was said to have taken place at Byland Abbey, Yorkshire in 1290. A contemporary account of a silver disc passing over the monks is suspected to be a 20th Century hoax.


6. If you answered C for this question, then you are correct.

In 40% of cases, people felt their UFO sighting could be explained, only 19% did bother fearing their sanity would be brought into question, while no one said they were too busy to make a UFO report.


7. The answer to this question was B.
Of the 40 airline captains who responded to the written questionnaire, nine said they had seen Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, 28 had seen nothing and three were unsure.


8. If you answered C, you are correct.
The poor cat ”“ whose charred body was found by police under the power cable ”“ had caused a fatal short circuit with its tail. The electric company also recorded a short power glitch at the time of the supposed UFO sighting.


9. If you answered C, you can add another correct answer to your tally sheet.

Mr. Bean was a contender for the British Eccentric 2001 and also changed his name to Captain Beany. He has yet to be abducted by aliens.


10. If you chose C as the answer to this question, you are correct once again.
Radio Quito had copied Orson Welles’ 1938 live play and had told listeners Martians were attacking the city.