Would You Believe Your Loved One’s UFO Sighting?

A Geneva Ohio witness just submitted a report to the Mutual UFO Network suggesting an event that was quite simply out of this world, and defies almost any explanations whatsoever.  The witness submitting the report was in the basement when he suddenly heard his wife upstairs screaming.  As he ran upstairs, he saw his wife sitting in their room pointing out the window with a terrified look on her face.  The events she described would haunt the witness submitting the report for years afterward.

The year was 1989.  It was a cool September night, and as the witness finished putting his laundry away, suddenly the frightened voice of his wife called him upstairs.  The dog outside was barking in the yard as though an intruder were somewhere nearby.  He quickly dashed up the stairs and she explained that she had seen something that she couldn’t quite explain.  A strange disc shaped craft suddenly came out of the sky and hovered for a few moments above their neighbor’s house.  The object was completely silent and left the witness with a sense of being out of this world.  As the witness tried to calm his wife down he took the situation very seriously.  She had never made up any stories, and was generally an incredibly reliable person when it came to telling the facts the way they had happened.

The object reportedly hovered above the neighboring house for the span of only a few seconds.  She described seeing several lights beneath the craft emitting eerie colors and changing rapidly as it remained there hovering like a disc shaped Christmas tree all lit up.  As the events continued, the object suddenly shot up into the sky and disappeared.  As the reporting witness listened to the story, he couldn’t help but be affected by the strangeness of it all himself.  His wife had never been known to fabricate stories.  They were married for many years, and even after the events of that night she proved to be a reliable and reasonable individual.

The next morning the witness took it upon himself to investigate the area.  He found a round ring of grass that had simply died seemingly overnight from unknown causes.  The dogs, which had been left outside were once again calm, but he couldn’t help but notice how violently they had reacted during the course of the incident.  And throughout it all, the witness couldn’t help but wonder what had happened.

One of the interesting things about this story is the fact that it comes from the perspective of the witness’ husband.  It truly begs the question – what would any of us do if our loved ones came to us clearly troubled by an unexplained sighting that seemed to fit the description of an extraterrestrial spacecraft?  Would we believe them?  Or would we find it difficult to believe those we trust with our lives each day if the events were unusual enough?  Perhaps this is a question we should ask ourselves now as these sightings become more commonplace for that night when it may be our own loved ones who describe an unusual object suddenly descending from the stars.