WWII Abduction Could Have Been Britain’s Earliest

Richard D. Hall has uncovered a story that may be soon considered the next “Roswell incident.”  The details of the Gateshead UFO case have been released to the public, and without risking exaggeration, it is surely one of the most sensational, chilling, and interesting cases to come to the public eye in years.  Not only has the chief witness, Mr. Robert Hall, stayed true to his story for almost seventy years,  it is corroborated by other witnesses.  The tale is one of War, Abduction, and an Alien killed by an uncle to save his nephew.

It all started in 1940, in a small town named Gateshead in war torn Britain, just south of Newcastle.  For the second time in a generation, the dark shadow of a world war loomed over the countryside, and troops were lined up in preparation to go to the front lines.  Robert was getting cold, so he and the boy he was with started on their way home.  As they rounded the corner just off Saltwell road, they suddenly noticed a blur in the street just ahead.  As they walked through it cautiously, they realized it was some sort of shield obfuscating the scene which unfolded in front of them.

Behind this shield they saw a little under twenty aliens of varying shapes and sizes gathered around a small craft.  Most of the creatures were “horrible looking” short grey type aliens, but there was also another creature present who Robert describes as looking like Bigfoot.  Another creature had a strange sort of diving helmet on, similar to deep sea divers of the day.  As Robert was being guided by the creatures along with the other boy onto the ship, they extracted blood from the base of Robert’s neck, telling him during the procedure that if he moved at all he would die.  Terrified, Robert complied.  At this time a nearby group of girls were becoming hysterical and attempting to flee the scene when a black dog approached as if it meant to attack them.  Robert grabbed one of the wands from the belt of one of the aliens and fired a beam of light at the dog sedating it immediately.

The aliens seemed proud of him, but he quickly left the scene as their forms still disturbed him greatly.  Approaching a nearby soldier, he related his story and eventually coaxed him to follow back to the street.  As the soldier spotted the UFO leaving the scene he opened fire and the entire street became a scene of chaos.  According to Robert, hundreds must have seen the object take flight and disappear at that point.

But the story doesn’t end there.  As Robert was walking three days later, one of the grey aliens appeared and began chasing him.  Robert sprinted, terrified, as fast as his legs would carry him until he ran into his uncle, Evan, who lived nearby.  Seeing the bizarre creature chasing his nephew, Evan grabbed a nearby coal shovel and smashed the creature in the face with it.  As it clattered to the ground the two stood there breathing and watching the creature laying on the ground.  A constable was summoned, who had the creature put into a coal sack and hidden beneath the steps of St. Cuthbert’s church nearby.  There the sack lay for three months.

Robert claims that after this incident he was told never to tell anyone about it or he would be murdered.  Now in his 70’s, he was approached by Richard D Hall, author of “Aliens Before Gentlemen: A Guide to the Future” and only after good old fashioned persistence and detective work, did Robert eventually relent and allow his story to be told.  It will be interesting to see how this story will unfold, or if any more evidence will arise to confirm it.  It should be noted that not only did Robert’s own sister verify what Richard said, there was also a local television documentary where several people wrote in and said they remembered either hearing about the events at the time, or seeing the UFO as it shot away.