A Light Rain in China

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China has been experiencing its fair share of paranormal activity as an unexplained phenomenon has been reported raining down on witnesses for more than an hour.  The first translated accounts have been sketchy at best, but are still unbelievably spectacular to say the least.  And there is a definite air of mystery surrounding the phenomenon that does not serve to quell the troubled citizens who witnessed the events.

China is often a source of mystery when it comes to points of interest of a paranormal nature.  Though it may not be as filled with mystery as Russia‚Äôs Ural mountain region, the country has seen an incredible influx of paranormal accounts and more than its share of mysteries, several of which seem to come from the skies.  As a result the rain coming down on Xiamen late at night on Friday were reported by Southeast Express and translated by the news site whatsonxiamen with the other incidents that have been reported in the area in recent weeks.

The report came from a Mr. Wang, who watched along with a friend as the mysterious beams of light rained down with no known cause for several minutes.  The phenomenon was not only photographed, but was also documented by those on the ground watching for almost an hour.  Mr Wang reportedly saw only a few of the objects at first, but this number increased to over fifty as time went on.  The incident was not related to any known meteorological phenomenon, and remains even now as a complete mystery to those who observed it and those who have seen photographs of the incident.

When speculating on what the phenomenon could have been, there are several possibilities, but so far none seem to hold water when all elements of the phenomenon are taken into account.  There is a phenomenon by which crystals form in the atmosphere and reflect the light seen on the ground.  An example of this occurred in 2009 in Latvia when Aigar Truhins photographed several beams of light that seemed to be coming from the sky.  When the photographs were examined it could be seen that the source of the light was rather bright lights on the ground and not extraterrestrial visitors from the stars.

But this most recent incident happened in the middle of summer.  One must only look at the clothing of the subjects photographed to determine that the weather was certainly not cold enough to form ice crystals.  So what is it then?  With UFO sightings getting higher profile than ever, this explanation is certainly being considered by many, but it seems strange that these objects would simply appear in the sky and then disappear.  It almost seems to share characteristics with another form of mysterious phenomena also observed recently in China – that of the mysterious and elusive earthquake lights.  And if not directly the earthquake lights themselves, could it share some characteristic with them that could ultimately allow us a better understanding of both?  In the meantime, this mystery continues to go unsolved as witnesses continue to watch the skies.