Chemtrails or Contrails??

These photographs were taken just yesterday afternoon, in the sky above my back yard. Let me explain first of all the differences in the two words, CONTRAILS and CHEMTRAILS. A contrail is the plume of white that follows behind a commercial airliner, is usually quite short, and disappears as the airliner progresses across the sky.

But have you ever noticed the looooooong white plumes that seem to cover the sky at times from one side to the other? Maybe you’ve noticed two or three at a time, or maybe you’ve noticed a grid pattern forming, or an X in the sky. Have you noticed that these long plumes take forever to dissipate, and that there is a sharp smell to the air afterwards? CHEMTRAILS, my friends, is what you see.

I live within 12 minutes of a major southern airport… and I’ve been here longer than they have. I have watched these skies for hours on end, and I recognize the flight patterns of the commercial airliners that leave and land at GSPA. Those airliners have specific flight plans, which they follow time and again. They leave contrails, no matter the weather. Contrails that follow the airliner for a short distance and then dissipate.

Chemtrails are an enigma. They seem to be coming from all white aircraft, with the windows to them blacked over. They do not fly in regulated patterns, they make pass after pass after pass overhead and usually in patterns, grids or X’s, and these are NOT regular jet fuel type dumpings. There have been air samples taken of the trails that they leave behind, and although there have been no official scientific studies done on them (as NASA officially denies the existence of Chemtrails) the samples taken have been made up of things such as chemicals, dead blood cells, and old blood plasma. These chemtrails are not dumped over every state, over every country, or even every day, but lately the upstate seems to be a prime dumping ground for whatever it is they are spewing out of those planes. It’s been suggested that they are a grid for radar tracking in satellite in orbit. It’s been suggested that they are indeed, chemicals, designed to give us humans a ‘little’ poisoning so that mass poisoning wouldn’t be so catastrophic.



Today I caught a perfect example of both contrails and chemtrails, both at the same time and in the same sky. You look it up… see for yourself what might be going on.. it’s just a matter of knowledge.
Here are two chemtrails all the way across the sky
Now you can see three, and the haze from the others that have gone across..the sky HAD been bright blue
Perfect shot of how they race across the sky but don’t dissipate
Look closely in this shot.. you can see the contrail on the mid right side of this picture just above the treeline from the commercial airliner going over. See how the contrail is short, and follows just the plane as compared to the chemtrails left just moments earlier?
Here’s another shot of them both.. The commercial airliner is smack dab in the middle of this picture, the one with the short ‘tail’ crossing over a chemtrail. The other three long white plumes are from the chemtrails. This is all at the same time, and in the same sky and the same weather. Hmmmmmmm….