Columns of Water Spring Up in Lake Michigan

Michigan is no stranger to mystery.  One of the many homes of the legendary creature known as Bigfoot is certainly used to seeing its fair share of the unusual.  But recently the mystery deepened when several water formations appeared rising up from the water in columns like pillars.  Why are these water spouts – ordinarily a rare occurrence this far North – happening?  And is there any precedent to the strange appearance?

Water columns are very similar to tornadoes except for one eerie difference.  Because they happen on water they are one of the alleged causes of creatures raining from the sky like fish.  Over the years there have been several incidents like these with fish raining in the sky everywhere from India to Scotland.  But will this water spout prove to be the catalyst of yet another occurrence?

The spouts, which appeared amid the storms raging across the northern United States last week were in lake Michigan just east of Milwaukee.  After a thorough examination of the forces involved, meteorologists couldn’t help but scratch their heads at the sudden appearance of such an unusual weather formation.

And the fact that it is allegedly connected to another weather phenomenon that causes so much mystery is all the more reason to track these formations as they happen in a place no one had expected this year.  Will we soon hear of the deposits from these strange occurrences raining down on Michigan itself or near one of the other Great Lakes?  Water spouts have been blamed for raining amphibians even hundreds of miles away in the past meaning the whole northeast coast could soon be seeing an unexplained sudden flood of fish, frogs, or even gelatinous fungi.

Of course if there isn’t, it may work against this official explanation of an otherwise unexplained phenomenon.  While experts generally accept that fish falls are caused by wind picking up animals and moving them a great distance, some have contested this explanation suggesting that fish falls happen sometimes when there is no other bad weather in the area.  And even if the water spouts were truly the cause, there still is the fact of some “alien rains” which leave behind material that cannot be identified at all beyond being roughly biological.

And where else may these weather phenomena arise?  Though we will certainly be looking at Lake Michigan in the near future for further anomalies, we may also turn our attention elsewhere in the northern United States and Southern Canada where it appears unusual weather is quickly becoming the norm – regardless of whether or not it actually gets stranger from this point.

Of course tornadoes are not all that unusual, but keep in mind this is in a region and at a time when experts suggest it would not be normal to see these formations or others like it.