Could Catastrophic Storms Become More Regular Disaster Annually?

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We’ve had an incredible season this year with storms raging from coast to coast knocking over power stations and generally causing trouble wherever the opportunity arose.  But is this an extreme snap of the weather or could we one day be seeing this sort of devastation on a regular basis?  As the world shifts, we begin hearing disturbing claims made by scientists.

In 2011 we are seeing unprecedented levels of destruction that are some of the worst seen ever in some areas since before records were taken.  And with those storms comes an onslaught of speculation as crowds gather to sandbag against floods, repair homes after devastating tornadoes, and in the worst cases look to new ground to start their lives over again.  But just as we’ve seen so many times before, we cannot tell just yet if this is over or only beginning now.  Will 2012 be as strong as 2011 and 2010?  And will we start seeing incredibly powerful storms from now on?

First we take into consideration scientists at NASA such as Michael Jarraud who saw the storms and suggested we may be entering the warmest period since the 1850’s.  The top ten warmest years ever on record included three in recent history, from 1998 to 2005 and 2010 at the top.  And with warmer weather, scientists have been suggesting there will be an increase in storms as well.  All three years also included unusually or unseasonably powerful storms as the seasons changed.  Whatever your opinion of its cause, many are suggesting the weather is indeed changing.  And with these changes there are going to be far reaching effects that can cause even more massive changes across the globe.  So are we looking at a future where spring means not only warmer climate, but also devastating storms tearing at the infrastructures of communities across the west?  Will entire towns be wiped out in the future as communities attempt to keep up with forces of nature that appear to be overwhelming older means of construction and rescue centers?  Or is this merely another growing pain soon to be forgotten?

How different would our world look with gradually increasing intense storms?  And what future developments might come about in an effort to stop them?  It’s no mystery that the south has been hardest hit, though the midwest has suffered its share of casualties as well.  In the south the death toll approached 300 by the end of April and the current figure has not yet been totaled as the season has not yet ended.

And there are a number of causes that could be contributing to the storms as well.  From the increased activity from the sun to the full moon’s increased proximity as the seasons began to change, scientists are overlooking nothing.  And when it comes to conspiracies, theorists have also looked into such possibilities as HAARP and other programs suggesting the weather could be part of a secret war without troops that relies on the forces of nature themselves to claim innocent lives.  As the story develops, one thing is for sure – these storms will be remembered for quite some time.