Grass Spontaneously Electrifies on UK Horse Track

Two race horses are dead after an unknown force struck them to the ground while visibly affecting several others at a UK horse race.  Those present are calling it a case of electrocution, but there’s no visible cause.  And the only thing all of them were in contact other than the air was the grass.  Though it isn’t in the same vein as the mysterious bird die offs, this latest case is being scrutinized as one of the weirdest animal deaths yet.

When animals started dying it was weird.  But if this latest case is any indicator, they’re no longer simply dying off in massive numbers anonymously and away from human eyes.  These are well trained animals in perfect health that are simply dropping dead for no reason.  Just before the race each horse had reportedly had their hearts checked and had showed absolutely no signs of anything abnormal according to Nicky Henderson who was quoted by the BBC.

Fenix Two and Marching Song, the two horses who were expected to be running only moments after simply fell to the ground visibly with evidence of what appeared to be a mysterious electrocution from an unknown source in front of frightened witnesses.  Foul play has not been ruled out, but in light of the recent animal deaths elsewhere (everywhere, really) in the world some are suggesting a link in the two.  But what that link is could be anyone’s guess.  At least one witness present reported feeling a tingling sensation as she walked across the grass leading some to wonder if somehow the grass had been the source of the electric charge.

And the next race to be scheduled this morning was canceled due to the incident.  The race was to be televised, but instead the incident called for the disturbing announcement that the race was canceled due to a mystery involving possibly electrified grass.  Doomsayers have already proposed if it can happen in one area, will signs saying “Keep off the grass” soon be accompanied by electrical bolts?  If the mystery is not solved it will no doubt only serve to fuel speculation over pole shifts and other global changes.

And in the mean time horse race fans ranging from the casual to the long time veterans have said in all of their years of following the sport they have never even heard of something like this happening , let alone seen it.  And the mystery only deepens when we ask why only the horses seemed to be affected fatally.  Is it possible we’re going to hear more reports of grass and other areas of ground suddenly becoming electrified?  Is there a geological basis for something like this to occur?  Can the ground spontaneously become electrified?

The short answer is yes, but with a very large “if.”  Positive Lightning, also known as ground to cloud lightning occurs when negatively charged ions shoot up into a cumulonimbus cloud in the form of lightning.  Even in this case the buildup -from what we know- would have resulted in a lightning bolt.  There’s still no word on whether any cumulonimbus clouds were present when this occurred.  Additionally it’s possible the ground could have become electrified by a stray wire carrying several thousand volts and shorting out the electrical system to the rest of the track.  But even in this case no such power outage was reported.  And so as the horse owners grieve their loss, the search for an answer in this mystery continues.