Iraqi War Will Not Change Earth Climate

Meteorologists say that it is simply a local conflict

Ecological consequences of the war in Iraq v burning wells and spilled oil – will not affect Russia, not even if chemical or biological weapons are used in Iraq. The Iraqi war will exert influence on the Russian climate only if they use nuclear weapon there. However, specialists are certain that it is not going to happen.

Russian specialists of the Weather Forecast Agency held a press conference, which was devoted to the influence that military actions might exert on the climate of the planet. As it could be seen, specialists were not pessimistic or dramatic about that. Russian meteorologists believe that there are no reasons to worry about it yet. Dmitry Kiktev, deputy director of the Russian meteorological center, said that the influence of the military conflict on the weather is directly proportionate to the way the conflict develops.

Everything that happens in Iraq at the moment is called a local conflict. Some oil wells are on fire indeed, and it is possible to calculate ecological consequences, although one has to know the burning intensity first, as well as the volume of burnt oil and other data. Such information is not available yet.

Anyway, smog and other products of burning do not go beyond the lower level of the earth atmosphere, spreading hundreds of kilometers off a burning spot. The bombing was stronger in 1991, there were more burning oil wells too, although it had absolutely no affect on the Russian weather. In addition to that, there are Caucasian mountains on the way of the air.

The war in Iraq is fraught with serious ecological consequences for Iraq and neighboring countries. The quality of water might be threatened, if oil flows into ground waters. If this happens, it will cause an ecological disaster of the regional scale. Anyway, this region is very far from Russia. Consequences will be a lot more tragic, if chemical or biological weapons are used in Iraq. In general, consequences of the Iraqi war will not have any influence on the climate of the Earth, unless the American administration decides to use nuclear weapons.