Is Global Warming Natural?


Nature they say always balances itself out ,
such is the power of the nature.  Though
we have scientific instruments to measure the intensity of a tsunami or an
earthquake , the human race has still been an underdog to nature.  Things have not changed much and in spite of
our warnings and precautions volcanoes do erupt at the times they choose to and
the thunderstorms and other natural calamities do continue to strike causing a
lot of loss for all living beings on this planet.  So who is to blame here? Is our science inefficient or are our
scientists and researchers incapable? 
Neither , the simple truth is that Nature is above and beyond the
calculations of science and math and cannot be controlled or made compliant by

We need to understand that the global warming
that we are making so much of hue and cry about is very much a natural process
and it is in fact good for everything on Mother planet.  Now , we know why they said that everything
happens for a reason , so is the case with the global warming.  There are recent researches that have been
made to study this and have proven that global warming is definitely natural
and is not manmade like popular thought and assumption.

The study has gone on to prove that warming and
cooling of the earth is a natural cycle , just that the cycle is too long ,
almost as long as a thousand and five hundred years.  So, most of us don’t just stay on here to see the changing times
and hence assume that our growth and advancement is taking us down the wrong
path now.  The study also goes on to
prove that this global warming is not because of the various appliances that we
use or because of the pollution, but because of the difference in the amount of
sun’s rays that are being received by the earth , and we really are not
responsible for this difference.

Let’s understand that we are not yet empowered
to damage nature.  We surely are not
that powerful and Nature is any day more powerful than all our brainy
scientists and researches put together , so we don’t have any other options
except to go through the changes that we are facing in our current climatic and
weather conditions and learn to adapt to what changes await us in the near

However, to leave on a positive note, the
research that has gone out to prove that global warming is natural also goes on
to say that this warming is going to be much better that what we think it is
and will definitely not wipe out our human race from the soils of our
earth.  It explains how the heat is
always better than the cold and snow and rains and hence leads us to expect
that there are better times ahead of us , it is definitely true when we say a
bright sunny day is better than a rainy day , so do we apply the same
here?  We just have to wait and watch!