Japan’s Earth Moves Amid Fears Over Cayce Prophecy

A series of videos pouring in from Japan have started showcasing the strange movements of the Earth following the events.  These are only a few moments of what is turning out to be a constant and disturbing trend for the nightmare so many citizens are having to deal with every day and prompting several people around the web to ask, “What’s going on here?”

The first video making its way across the web uploaded to Youtube and spreading like wildfire shows a calm street where people are out walking and bicycling.  But look closely, and you can see the bricks making up the sidewalks moving in different directions ever so slightly.  As the footage continues, the bricks separate and you can see the people around it, already trying to contend with the massive number of disasters already hitting Japan suddenly taking off and running past as if trying to escape what appears to be a localized phenomenon.  But as time goes on it’s clear the problem is going to prove to be anything but temporary.  Luckily the phenomenon gradually dies down, but the frightened spectators clearly are unsure if this is another Earthquake in the making.

Another video shows an American visitor examining the sidewalk in front of him as it slowly begins tearing what appears to be a layer of paint or rubber off the top of it and cracking significantly.  As he is examining this surface tear suddenly you can see in the distance a sudden wellspring of water as an unexplained stream suddenly appears in the distance – unnoticed by the cameraman at first.  As he walks along the water springing up becomes more intense and he reveals that he is in Tokyo bay, an artificial landmass made by dumping debris and stone into a shallow area of the ocean.  In the distance buildings can be seen, though they appear to be unaffected by this gradual onslaught of eerie destruction.  And if you live on a fault-line or another area of seismic uncertainty you may be paying closer attention to the events in Japan than the average person.  Almost a hundred miles of the Tokyo bay area is “reclaimed” land from the sea.

Perhaps it is just the natural thing to do when events like this strike fear into the hearts and minds of a nation – and with it the rest of the world.  The prophet Edgar Cayce said that Japan would one day fall into the ocean just like the long lost city of Mu.  Let’s hope that’s one prediction the great prophet made that turns out to be wrong.  Cayce’s prediction didn’t only include Japan, however.  He also suggested vast areas of the west would be affected by the unexplained Earth changes that would unfold afterward, including vast portions of the East and West coasts.

But something like this – while too large to ignore – is also not a certainty.  In fact at this point it is little more than a prediction matched by a series of events that seem to line up.  There is not, however, anything confirming it.  And scientists are currently saying the idea of Japan “sinking” or being leveled to an area beneath the sea is extremely unlikely.  In fact, if anything the current series of Earthquakes is more likely pushing it up from the ocean due to subduction.  Take into consideration also that the geological time scale is actually extremely long meaning any changes that take place to the actual landmass will happen in hundreds of thousands to millions of years.