Lightning Strikes Girl on Clear Cloudless Day

During thunderstorms we all instinctively feel the need to go inside to avoid the dangers of being struck by millions of volts of electricity.  Lightning strike cases are an extreme strain on the body and the injuries involved can permanently main or even kill those unfortunate enough to suffer from them.  But however terrifying they may be, they have always been fairly predictable as they occur primarily during storms.  But one girl was struck on a clear sunny day with not a cloud in the sky.

The occurrence took place as Britney Wehrle was walking.  In the presence of her terrified friend she collapsed to the ground after the electricity struck her and soon after she was rushed to a nearby hospital.  As unlucky as she had been, she was still lucky to survive the incident with only a broken arm and burns.  The most terrifying part of the story is the fact that the incident is not entirely unique.  Some people seem destined for a run-in with a bolt of lightning.  And when we consider just how far some bolts have to travel from the nearest storm, the possibility that they would be struck seems a statistical anomaly.

But there are still others who have been struck by lightning multiple times -sometimes all at once, while others have been struck by lightning over the course of several years and even survived.  Melvin Roberts of South Carolina had been struck by lightning six times, and even has grown fairly used to the occurrence over the course of the past few years – even joking with reporters that he had also been divorced five times.  And lightning has struck home decorating and hosting sensation Martha Stewart three times, one of which was on a clear day.

Lightning is known to behave strangely or in accordance with things going on in the world sometimes in ways that seems to some to border on intelligent.  Shortly after the trial of Casey Anthony, the memorial that had been set up for Caylee was struck by a swarm of lightning with one bolt in particular splitting branches off the tree directly above the makeshift memorial.

And lightning has been known to strike those who are indoors on rare occasions as well.  Last year we brought you the story of a young girl who had been in her room when lightning struck through her window and into her room.  The girl survived, but understandably confused.  A similar story came up last month where a family in the UK had to abandon their house when a lightning bolt struck through their roof and destroyed the couch two girls were sitting on.  The incident, like so many others left the victims marveling at the sheer might of this mysterious and rarely understood force – and more than a little uneasy as it seemed capable of striking even indoors.

But the chances of actually being injured by lightning are not that high.  While the spectacular stories are certainly mysterious, the chances of being struck by lightning are estimated to be one in 3,000 and most of those who do get struck usually find themselves outside when the strike occurs.  The events are uncommon generally because most people take the proper precautions.  Still others just seem unlucky.