More Mystery Sounds Boom in Sky Over Oxfordshire

The sonic booms heard over one valley in the UK have sent residents petitioning the police and fire rescue stations for answers.  The mysterious noise is only the latest in a long series of unexplained noises coming from the sky, rattling windows, and jostling witnesses outside looking for the source.  And yet still, even with this latest case there is no explanation about where this or any of the other sounds could have come from.

The most recent case of unexplained sky booms is only the latest in a long string of occurrences that has several experts scratching their heads and looking for answers.  2012 has seen more than a few unexplained booms throughout its early months with several more high profile incidents occurring in 2011.  While some of the occurrences have been explained away as hoaxes or Earthquakes, still more are being noted throughout the world every week with no sign of slowing down.  And with theories ranging from simple Earthquakes and secret training missions to more nefarious programs such as HAARP, interest in the unexplained noises is unlikely to abate any time soon.

One of the things making these sky-borne phenomena difficult to identify on a case-by-case basis is the fact that so many different ones result in varied explanations.  Dubbed “UAO’s” – likely after UFOs by the online community, or “Unidentified Audible Objects” there are a number of problems when it comes to identifying just what these noises are or where they could be coming from.

First, the term UAO suggests a core object to be responsible for the phenomenon.  And that’s precisely one of the few things that seems to be common throughout these cases.  The reason so many of them remain unidentified is because there is no object to speak of.  If there were objects, the phenomenon would simply be a new manifestation of noise accompanying an already wide array of unidentified flying objects.  In the case of the phenomenon reported to the Thames Valley Police from Chipping Norton, North Newington, Swindon, and Warwick, there aren’t any reports by witnesses of an object to speak of – hence the mystery.

In the past, many witnesses of unexplained and unidentified flying objects have reported an occasional sonic boom as the object leaves the scene, but these more often than not do not explain the aerial noise phenomenon.  The sounds in these latest cases are heard for longer periods over a much wider area and they do not have a visible counterpart to identify them as simple UFOs.

One of the theories of these unexplained sky-booms is that they are actually the result of a new supersonic aircraft capable of either maintaining low level visibility or which moves so fast as to not allow witnesses on the ground an opportunity to look up by the time it passes over.  It’s unknown why these objects and their test flights would be over populated areas – or in so many countries around the globe.