Mysterious Humming Prior to Earthquakes

Bizarre almost song-like sounds have been reported just before earthquakes worldwide, giving some the impression that the cause may be unconventional or even part of a conspiracy.  To date, several earthquakes have been immediately preceded by a mysterious sound heard and even video taped by nearby witnesses.  But what is the cause?  Are these rumblings mere coincidence?  Or could there be a different and more sinister cause?

In the world of mysterious sounds there’s certainly no shortage of weird examples.  And for the most part, many geologists have concluded that odd noises do often immediately precede Earthquakes which is why animals can be seen reacting to the events long before humans get a chance to.  You may recall video in 2010 of a dog at the Times Standard Newspaper suddenly looking down at the ground and then jumping up to sprint to his master’s aid warning them of an upcoming seismic event.  Seconds later it’s evident that people have noticed the rumbling as well as they attempt to get to safety as quickly as possible.  But events like these are nothing new.  For years cats in particular have been noted for their uncanny ability to predict quakes.

What is new is the growing body of evidence suggesting different sounds could be released by these events – sounds that can be heard not only by pets, but also by humans.  Ordinarily humans can only hear between 12 Hz and 20,000 Hz with the upper range reducing as time goes on.  Of course the hearing range of dogs and cats is far wider.

One of the most disturbing conspiracy theories related to these peculiar sounds is the possibility that a government system known as HAARP is either directly or indirectly affecting the movement of tectonic plates and the volatility of fault lines, ultimately resulting in both the sound and the earthquakes themselves.  HAARP is said to bounce extremely low frequency radio waves off the ionosphere and back to Earth where they interact with fault lines, releasing energy in the form of seismic waves.

Of course HAARP is also notoriously hush-hush about what precisely goes on there.  Numerous attempts to learn what exactly happens there has been met with secrecy.  Secrecy doesn’t necessarily mean the program is involved in seismic manipulation, but it serves as evidence to some believers that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program has something very strange going on behind its gates.  The program is funded by both the US Air Force and the US Navy as well as DARPA and the University of Alaska.  Despite the claims that something unusual is going on, those involved in HAARP have maintained that the radiation being bombarded on the ionosphere is intended solely to study the effects of the wide spectrum of energy from the sun.  But when it comes to a real life “earthquake machine” many people find there are few more tempting possibilities than an array of machines that emit so much energy.