Mysterious Rain of Worms Pelts Schoolyard

We’ve brought you stories of all manner of things falling from the sky mysteriously.  The phenomenon of sudden rainfall of mysterious creatures has been around for some time with one of the most famous being the rainfall of fish in Marksville, Louisiana in 1947.  But this most recent incident had students scrambling for cover as a hailstorm of wriggling worms fell from the sky.  But what could cause such paranormal precipitation?

A Galashiels Academy PE class was out in the field playing a game of football when suddenly the sky opened up with a torrent of worms which suddenly started falling from the sky.  As they scrambled to escape the mysterious and sudden rain of creatures, they had trouble identifying just what it was that was pelting them at first.  But afterward, when David Crichton looked up, he was met with a sight not all that unfamiliar in cases of sudden animal rain.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

After returning to the field and examining the contents of the sudden fall, he realized he and his class had been pelted by worms.  After samples were collected of the creatures, it was clear the class was facing the latest in a long history of creatures falling from the sky.  And in 2007 there was an incident where worms actually fell from the sky in Jennings, Louisiana.  During the incident worms fell from the sky right before a police department employee.

But the story of falling creatures from the sky gets stranger the further you look into it.  In 1555, engravings depicted a mysterious and sudden rainfall of fish from the sky.  In Marksville, Louisiana in 1947 residents were shocked when fish dropped from the heavens.  And in Rakoczifalva, Hungary from June 18-20 frogs fell from the sky on more than one occasion.  An alien gel fell from the sky in 1894 in Bath England, frightening witnesses.  And perhaps the most extreme case of the sky suddenly opening up and dropping an animal to the ground (or in this case several parts of an animal) occurred on August 1st, 1896 when a mysterious mammalian creature (or creatures) fell from the sky in California.  It was unknown what caused the animal to be torn to shreds, but when it rained the residents tried to piece together what it could have been.  The closest approximation to a creature they could recognize was a cow.

Theories behind the phenomenon of raining animals have ranged from divine intervention to alien spacecraft dumping the contents of rivers after sucking up the precious water supply and then dumping these creatures back to Earth.  And of course there are less fantastic explanations as well.  One theory is that miniature tornadoes may be the culprit.  As the cyclone passes over a pool of water and pulls it up into the air, the creatures residing within it are likewise pulled up by the strong winds and pulled up.  There updrafts carry the creatures for several miles before finally being deposited on the ground after traveling a great distance.  But what is the real explanation here?  We may never know.