Natural Phenomena Urban Legend Flicks: True or False

Continuing the exploration of natural phenomena urban legends, we will take a look at what extreme amounts of ice may or may not have done to a city. Additional natural disasters or freaks of nature added in this article include powerful fire, rain, and sky.

In 2005, photos circulated about the Internet, depicting a city that was plagued by extreme ice. The intensely cold weather supposedly brought about the deep covering of vehicles, boats, and the entire landscape. The trees pitifully carried the weight of this ice and the streets looked like the starting point for the Olympic speed-skating trials.

So, are these photos real? The subject of these flicks is Swiss land are real, depicting the awesome power of a freezing rain storm that has actually occurred in other parts of the world, including Massachusetts, Newfoundland, and Switzerland. Geneva even saw several boats sink to the depths of the water because they couldn’t sustain the weight of the heavy ice. These pictures truly look like something out of the Chronicles of Narnia; did the White Witch have something to do with this scene?


In 2000, the Bitterroot National Forest located in Montana suffered a great fire, which was considered one of the worst that the city had seen. When looking at this picture, which shows deer fleeing from the seen of an awesome natural power, did someone actually have the time to take a snapshot of this occurrence and is it true.

At second glance, the photo looks like a painting filled with vibrant oranges and reds. Taken with a digital camera, a fire behavior analyst took this photo while he was on the job. The fire went on to take down ten homes and destroy 100,000 acres of land. Some fakes of this scene have been produced and circulated, but in this case, the Forest Service Montana owns the rights to this photograph, which was snapped on company time.



In 2006, a photo of what is called a “fire rainbow” was supposedly taken over the state of Idaho. It is thought to be one of the most rare occurrences to take place in nature/weather. Those living on the Idaho and Washington border were said to have been able to catch sight of this interesting event, which apparently lost about an hour. So, is it real because it surely looks like something quite unbelievable, especially when taking a look at the actual shape?

The subject of this photograph is actually called a “circumhorizon” and makes an appearance when the sun is positioned high in the sky, which allows light to pass in such a manner that sunlight, clouds, and colors meld to create the type of scene depicted in the photo. Amazing, huh?



While some Internet photo hoaxes are easily caught, some are not as easily determined. Such is the case with the following photos. I’ll let you be the judge. In regards to the first photo, do you think this is an actual shot of a sunrise above Mount St. Helens? When it comes to Niagara Falls, do you think it really became completely frozen in 1911? Take a look at the photo and be the judge.